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Clear Lakes Broadcasting Channel=Security Protocol--C.L.S.U
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Clear Lakes Broadcasting Channel=Security Protocol--C.L.S.U
"Marble Hornets Incident" Prompts Creation of "Clear Lakes"

This was posted on September 22nd in the Clear Lakes #6 video and analysis topic by PortfolioKey, which while unrelated to that topic, served as inspiration for my own overarching theory that connects Marble Hornets to Clear Lakes.

PortfolioKey wrote:
Completely baseless and premature speculation from me:

Spoiler (Rollover to View):

My theory is that we're working within a mythos/world where The Operator isn't the only unknown/unknowable entity - but that social media/ubiquitous video is allowing a lot of these different forces a much wider reach and base of power than they've had before.

I think in this case we may be dealing with two opposing forces - the Broadcasters/Camerathings/44, which is a somewhat ubiquitous, invisible entity or entities - I'm not even convinced they have any physical manifestation right now, which have been around/listening/watching for long enough that they know about and understand things like public access TV, and they're wrapping their broadcast right now in those trappings as a way to prove understanding/peaceful intentions/most importantly, that people need to watch their broadcasts and distribute them.

The reason for that is that I think these videos are a warning about some much more harmful, disruptive force, in the person of the Glitchy Shadowmen - I think they can watch and broadcast these attacks/abductions, but I don't think they have any ability to stop them directly - instead, the broadcast is meant as a "HEY!" to get our attention. Rule number one right now seems to be that, whatever these shadow things are, you're at much higher risk if you open your door - put me in the camp that doesn't think the Shadow Thing was actually in the house until the front door was cracked, even though it attacked from behind - think teleportation, but teleports that need a certain amount of uninterrupted gap to get to.

I'd guess and hope that the next few entries establish some other ground rules, either about what's dangerous or hopefully showing a failed attack and giving a clue about what insane thing might be "safe" in this universe.

Things that unsettle me enough about this interpretation to make me want it to be true: It means that there are benign or even helpful entities that are still deeply creepy because they're watching people all the time as voyeurs. It means that, whatever is going on in the Greater Rosswood Metropolitan Area, something is being even more aggressive than the Operator. And it means that one of two mutually exclusive but mutually terrifying things are true - either both of these things could be inside your house right now unseen (one watching, one waiting), OR you're at imminent risk of attack anytime there's been a door opened in the last thirty seconds.

Enough to give me chills. Like Bird Box, except with an equally creepy and unknowable "narrator", and people can actually look out windows (they just still can't actually see the danger).

"Reliable. Dependable. Clear Lakes."

Seems to me that if Clear Lakes Broadcasting channel was created by benevolent entities looking to protect us from malevolent entities such as the Operator, then perhaps their channel is a response to Marble Hornets--setting up a security station on a plane (earth) they themselves can't physically touch--just like the Operator and using this as a means of warning people before these entities get out of control and start wreaking havoc.

My theory is Marble Hornets made them aware of the fact that an entity from their world had managed to get into ours, and all throughout Marble Hornets they were busy setting up their new security system; Hoody possibly being an example of someone they managed to "contact" and equip with the means of defending himself, albeit unbeknownst to his own conscious, which explains his bizarre nature.

Alex obviously didn't know about this, nor could Hoody be aware of it since the influence was subconscious, explaining their hostility toward each other: neither knew that their goal of stopping the Operator was mutually aligned, not-to-mention their violently opposed methods of dealing with the Operator. Masky very likely received his "equipment" as well, around the same time Hoody did.

The Operator has been stalking people since they were children, and only now when they've grown up, did the Operator finally acquire enough power to be noticed by the CLU (C.L.S.U standing for Clear Lakes Security Unit), and thus begin planning out a way to stop him. Masky and Hoody are just proxies for the CLSU to "Operate" through, sort of like how the Operator messed with Alex's head possibly attempting to reprogram him for some specific purpose but not quite succeeding in-full. The same thing is what happened to Masky and Hoody: subjects who were intended to be reprogrammed for the purpose of combating the Operator in their own world, but were incomplete and were thus unaware of what was happening to them.

IMO there is a struggle going on between two factions, which is going to have to lead to me naming the Operator something else: the Rogue. The reason I'm calling him the Rogue now is because, if this other side is able to reprogram and operate humans, then that makes all of these entities "Operators" in their own right. The Rogue acts independently, outside of the organization as a rogue agent, a being who is acting of his own accord, going against the rules in search of achieving his own ends...what those ends are we don't know.

"Reliable. Dependable. Clear Lakes."

The Rogue never communicated this directly: NO ONE did, not Hoody, not Masky, the Rogue wanted to instill fear and you generate fear through ignorance, not through easy-to-understand messages designed to elicit a sensation conducive to calm and serenity. Everything was cryptic, unclear, just those "Lakes In Stillness Will Take Every Life of the Night." No lake is clear at night, it just isn't, not unless it is the cleanest lake you've ever seen with a spotlight big enough to cover the entirety of the lakes area.

These black creatures who attack Birdwatcher, are in my opinion, Agents of the Rogue who attack other people for him, whenever he's too busy reprogramming Alex in an attempt at eliminating Masky (Tim), Hoody (Brian), and Jay, as well as any and all others who he deems a threat to his goals. This is why Jay didn't exactly start getting hunted by the Rogue until he began to do his own digging, his own research; compiling information that could pose liabilities to the Rogue's agenda, compromise the "Drones" (Drones = anyone reprogrammed by the Rogue to do his bidding) he has been tampering with since their childhood to perfect. Using Alex as a means of ridding the world of those actively, inactively, or even ignorantly getting in the way via tricking Alex into thinking that the only way to cure the world of the "Rogue sickness" is by killing them, when in actuality, he's doing the Operator's job for him.

Notice the total lack of interference by the Rogue whenever Alex is trying to kill someone, it just watches, observing the situation, and only stepping in whenever Alex isn't able to achieve its agenda for him.

In conclusion: the Rogue reprograms people to do his malevolent bidding by turning them into proxy Drones, typically starting at a young age (Alex and Tim were both young: the former at his own birthday party, and the latter during his stay at a mental institution), and has been doing this for along time. Eventually C.L.S.U - the Clear Lakes Security Unit formed their own unit after being made aware of the "Marble Hornets Incident", and during the time between creating their broadcast station and now, took victims of the Rogue to act against the Drones, by reprogramming them into what I can only dub "Void Agents" (Void Agents are humans victims of the Rogue reprogrammed by C.L.S.U to fight against him, albeit Void of memory and sense of self-awareness and identity during times of activity, but are still agents nonetheless because they unknowingly work for C.L.S.U --much to their benefit mind you) to combat the Rogue. Taking the pills suppresses Rogue Sickness but also makes them less susceptible to C.L.S.U's influence, preventing them from assuming their Void Agent personas and uniforms, for as I said before they are not aware of what they're doing and weren't so until Jay began filming and capturing them on tape.

As for the black glitchy creatures... I prefer to call them Dark Glitchers or Rogue glitchers, agents of the Rogue who can glitch through space and time, but to a lesser extent of as the Rogue, needing clear and open terrain in order to teleport, but nevertheless able to traverse incredible distances if given the opportunity.

So there you go, I think there's a proxy war being waged among an extra-planetary (I'm not using dimensional or planar, because those words actually mean very specific things if you know anything about science, magic, and mysticism) group of entities, using reprogrammed humans serving as agents through which to conduct their war.

Have fun dissecting this.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:48 am
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