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Things we KNOW from following the ARE
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Joined: 19 Jan 2008
Posts: 54

 Things we KNOW from following the ARE
Facts only, no speculation

Slusho! based news:

Tagruato Corporation owns Slusho!.
Source: Slusho's website: Distribution Opportunities, also commented on by Hud on Rob's MySpace blog.

Rob was hired to be the Vice President of marketing for Slusho! to increase popularity of the drink in the Western world.
Source: Rob's MySpace blog announcing his newest job offer.

Slusho! makes an incredibly addicting frozen beverage known as Slusho! The drink contains standard ingredients except for one mysterious ingredient the company refers to as Seabed’s Nectar. Seabed’s Nectar has some strange properties and according to studies it makes consumers stronger, increasing soft muscle tissue mass, and happier, it also supposedly is addictive.
Source: Ravaille Research Center's research into Seabed Nectar, originally posted on, it was removed from their forum, and it’s now just available via sites that archived it.

Rob's brother Jason loves Slusho and has drank it in the past.
Source: Comment from Jason in Rob's MySpace blog announcing he will be working for Slusho.

Slusho had a contest going on to create new Slusho commercials, the top 5 winners will receive Slusho! branded Alienware laptops, each values at $3,000. As of 1/18/08 the Slusho! website announced the winners had been chosen, and would be announced soon.
Source: Slusho main site, and Slusho mobile site.

Tagruato based news

(All information gained from Tagruato website except where indicated, as of 1/18/08 the Tagruato website is down for maintenance, information from the website is only available via archived sites now.)
1945: 力の手 ("The Hand of Power") is founded by Kantaro Tagruato as a mining company in Kyushu. (Side note, 1945 is the year the US dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, which just so happens to be on the island of Kyushusource).

1969: Begins working with the Aerospace Exploration Agency.

1986 - 力の手 is caught illegally dumping thousands of gallons of industrial waste into the Tokyo Bay - less than a mile away from Kujūkuri Beach, one of Japan’s most popular swimming and surf destinations. (According to TidoWave, never confirmed by Tagruato)

1986-1989: The company declares bankruptcy, Kantaro Tagruato resigns, and later commits suicide.

1989: Company is taken over by Ganu Yoshida and given its modern name of Tagruato in honor of the founder.

September: Chuai Station opens in the mid Atlantic. Some degree of disparity here, some sources claim it's right on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, while other maps place it much closer to New York. One newscast says the rig is 1300KM off the shore of New York. The disparity is confusing. Perhaps intentional?(Sources include the Tagruato rig map, the released news reports, and wikipedia.)

Early December: Tagruato releases 3rd quarter earnings, missing from this list is any information about the Chuai station.(Pointed out by The Whistle Blower.)

December 27th: Chuai station is destroyed, the news coverage of the event happens the following week. Multiple news teams from around the world cover the video of the destruction, a dark spot can be seen moving across the water. If this is in fact the monster swimming by, or an oil spill like the reporter suggests, is up to speculation. (Source)

January 3rd: Tagruato's satellite "Hatsui" is being used to track debris that are claimed to have fallen into the Atlantic Ocean from the satellite "ChimpanzIII."

January 6-7: The videos of the Chuai station attack are released in multiple languages. The videos clearly show Tagruato personal troops escorting people off the station, the station collapsing, then debris flying into the air and crushing one of the lifeboats.

January 9th: Ganu Yoshida releases an open letter saying that TidoWave attacked the Chuai station.

January 10th: Ganu Yoshida announces to the corporate board that "Seabed's Nectar", the special ingredient in Slusho!, has been approved by the American Food Association.

January 15th: Ganu Yoshida leaves for New York to meet with BevVo, to discuss distributing Slusho! via public waterways.

January 18th: Ganu Yoshida is attacked after leaving a restaurant in downtown New York. He claims a liquid was poured over his head by his captors, who fled immediately after. Later that night the Tagruato website was closed for maintenance.

January 22nd: Tagruato website re-opened sometime around 4pm Eastern time, the website appears identical to its state when Ganu Yoshida’s attack was posted.

We also know of an inside informant known as The Whistle Blower. He was known to occasionally send messages to people. These included hints on pieces of paper inside Slusho! merchandise, they stated that there was something not quite right about the Chuai station and people are going missing. Next he sent a PDF to people that had an early release of the 3rd quarter earnings of Tagruato, pointing out that Chuai was not on the list, possibly of importance is the file was named pseunmoisuf.pdf. It was speculated to be an anagram, but no positive matches were found. Some good ones are: Fusion Spume, Fun Mouse Sip, Fuse PSI Muon, If Mouse Spun, Infuse Soup M, and Some Fun Is Up. Following that some people received an email from The Whistle Blower that contained one of two images that were titled Sonar1 and Sonar2, and had some sort of large outline on it, possibly of the monster.(Source.)

The TidoWave website
(All information gained from the TidoWave website except where noted)

Ran by a group of EcoTerrorists known as Les Guerriers de Mère-Terre.

The website posts information about horrible things Tagruato has done in the past, and is doing currently.

Notable posts include:

Drilling for the Chuai Station caused severe noise pollution for over a year, disturbing migration patterns of humpback whales.

The Sunda Anemone pushed to the edge of extinction due to the Itoku station. (Of note: There is no Sunda Anemone, there is however a Sunda Shelf which is an extension of the continental shelf of Southeast Asia, there is quite likely some species of anemone living on the shelf, but none named the Sunda Anemone. Source = wikipedia)

Someone named Randy made several official posts to the website, this is possibly the same Randy that Teddy mentions to Jamie in his recording.

On December 18th something goes wrong, someone who doesn’t usually post on the blog says that “Things are not going as planned” and that there is a problem with the “event.” He also asks for help in contacting Randy or the others.

On January 2nd a new post appears, apparently TidoWave sent a rescue team to the site of the Chuai station, they arrived at the precise coordinates only to find nothing but open sea.

On January 5th a new post appears warning members to stay away from “The Farm.” The poster denies TidoWave involvement with the destruction of the Chuai station, even though they are glad that it is now gone, he also reaffirms that search efforts for missing members are continuing. A cryptic message at the bottom says to wait for “Janice’s picture” and then “you will know where to meet us.”

On January 12th a new blog warns American’s to not trust anything from Tagruato (referring to the Tagruato news release about the American Food Administration approving of distribution for Seabed’s Nectar). The poster also says that the members know the truth about Slusho! The post ends speculating that maybe everything lies with Ganu.

On January 15th the final blog post says: “Horns down. If we go quiet, it won’t be permanent. May the great mother protect her servants in their greatest time of need. She guides our hands.”

On January 18th the TidoWave website was locked by 18USCEC – 2332b, which happens to be under Title 18, part 1, chapter 113b, § 2332b: “Acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries.” The website now has a ghosted overlay of the Department of External Affairs. (Source.)

On January 22nd the TidoWave website was reopened the same as it was on January 17th, with no mention of the lock.

The Jamie loves Teddy website
(All information here is from the videos that appears on the website or from Jamie Lascano’s MySpace page)

On September 12th people followed clues to find Jamie’s website where she posts videos to her boyfriend that has just left. Her name is Jamie Lascano, his name is Teddy Henssen, and the password is jllovesth.

Video 1: Jamie is obviously not a technologically inclined person, she has trouble working the webcam. Teddy has been gone for one day (making the day of the video sometime around September 1st as the blog post about Teddy leaving was posted August 30th.) Jamie establishes that she and Marlene are friends, and that they were talking about the long distance relationship. She ends the video saying that if this video ends up on the internet she’ll kill him. Due to her inability to work with technology the video continues recording after she thinks it’s off, she tells her roommate she thinks the video went well, and that she thinks she’s getting another bladder infection. She then realizes it is still recording and jumps off the bed to shut it off.

Video 2: Posted sometime around October 4th. Teddy has sent Jamie a gift, and insisted that she not open it until December 9th. Jamie is heading off with “about 15 horny girls” to a girls night, so she has to make this video short, also, she has learned how to use the webcam for the most part.

Video 3: Posted sometime around October 18th. It’s very early in the morning and Jamie looks like it was a long night as well. She explains that she ran into Teddy’s ex the previous night, and that she would probably be telling Teddy that Jamie was making out with guys on the dance floor “which is 100% not true.” The video sounds like Jamie is trying to cover up something, and getting the jump on sending information to Teddy before his “skanky ex” can demean her. During the video she references Teddy as being off “Saving the World” which is usually something environmentalists say. An oddity is that it appears as if someone is holding the camera, as it isn’t mounted in its usual spot, and bobs several times during the video, also there is someone sleeping next to Jamie, who Jamie claims is Marlena’s cousin.

Video 4: Posted around November 12th. Jamie starts off saying that she is worried because she hasn’t heard from Teddy in several days, and she wants to show him what he’s missing so she does a quick strip tease to one of his favorite bands “The Glass Helmets.” Also of importance, Jamie refers to her boobs as “The Girls” which I find hilarious. It’s also important to point out that not only is Jamie not good at doing a strip tease, she is also horribly dressed for it, oh and The Glass Helmets are a real band, and have nothing to do with the movie except for getting some publicity. At the end of the video she pleads with Teddy to call her, and that she wants to talk about anything, even hear more about “The Cause.”

Video 5: December 9th! Jamie is pissed, she hasn’t heard from Teddy since before video 4, meaning it’s been a month. She has kept her promise and waited until today to open the gift. Inside the box is a Slusho! hat, and a tape recording. On the recording we hear Teddy say:
“Jamie, listen to me, alright this is not a joke. If you're hearing this before we've spoken, then it means that I've been captured by the company called Tagruato. Ok, TAG-RU-ATO. Now listen. You, this is important. Don't call the authorities. It'll screw everything up. Just sit tight and wait to hear from Randy. He knows to call you. We're on their station ok, and it's like they've found something, or they're making something, but the point is, I can't, I'm not going to be calling you again. You're not gonna hear from me again. I just want you to wait for Randy.. he will explain…”
At that point Jamie turns off the tape and thinks it’s some kind of cruel joke, and a mean way to break up with her. Also included in the box is a baggie labeled “Primary Evidence, Freeze ASAP, JAMIE DON’T EAT THIS!” This is kind of confusing, as there is obviously no refrigeration in the present box, and it’s been sitting in her room for a month, it obviously hasn’t been kept frozen this entire time.

Video 6: December 26th-ish. Jamie’s friend’s boyfriend (assumably Jason, since he would know of Tagruato and Slusho) has found a phone number to reach human resources at Tagruato. Jamie doesn’t speak “Whatever” and asks to speak to someone who can speak “American.” After holding she is put on the phone with someone else who begins questioning her, asking where she’s calling from, what her address is, and then she hangs up on them. Shortly after someone calls back, presumably speaking Japanese to her, and she says she doesn’t speak… “Whatever” and hangs up on them as well.

Video 7: January 2nd. Jamie is drunk and decides it would be a good idea to send Teddy another tape. She accuses him of various incoherent things, and is obviously very trashed. At about 25 seconds in you can hear a slight thump and the door moves slightly, if this was intentional or not is debatable.

Video 8: January 7th. Jamie is retarded. She opens the bag “Primary Evidence, Freeze ASAP, JAMIE DON’T EAT THIS!” and tastes some. She comments that it will definitely clear her sinuses and that it tastes pretty good. Shortly after she says “Whoa, what is this stuff you sent me?” She hops up, exclaims that she is now feeling great and that she’s going outside. Sounds like the effects we’ve heard about from the mysterious Seabed’s Nectar.

Video 9: January 9th. Jamie has gone off the deep end. She made a “Hate dance” to show how much she hates Teddy. One comment catches my attention, “I don’t know if it’s the stuff you gave me, but I’m seeing everything a lot clearer now.”

Video 10: January 14th. Jamie is fully blown insane now. She doesn’t say a single word during the entire video, she just picks up one of the Teddy bears on her bed, and slowly cuts off the arms and legs, and finally decapitates it with a pair of scissors.

Video 11: January 18th. Posted shortly before Rob’s going away party, Jamie is super excited and talking really fast, she say’s she really happy and finally over Teddy, she’s going to go have lots of sex with someone named Schneider. She say’s he’s never going to see “these” again (referring to her breasts) and she then slaps her butt, and turns off the camera.

Each of the main characters in the movie has their own MySpace page:
The following is their timeline of events:

February 7th:
12:45am: Beth posts a random survey to her blog. Of importance:
Who is your Best Friend? Rob
Who cheers you up when your down? Rob
Have you ever kissed someone that was just your friend? Not a good idea. Too much drama
March 11th:
2:27pm: Beth posts another blog listing off 10 things that would be in her personal Hell. Nothing catches my eye as being important.
June 15th:
7:07pm: Marlena’s first blog. Nothing important, talks about clothes.
October 29th:
7:19pm: Marlena’s blog. She’s making a list of people who look like they have down syndrome, but don’t.
November 6th:
8:31pm: Hud’s first blog post. Comments about his internship, and working for a producer, doesn’t seem relevant to the story.

January 7th:
12:11pm: Hud’s new blog. He somehow managed to swallow a contact lens on accident.
January 17th:
5:38pm: Rob’s first blog post, he say’s he’s not going to blog, and then posts a picture of a baby.
February 14th:
9:40pm: Rob posts a drunken blog about things in his life. Of note, he says that he wishes he could surf, and Beth’s page says she is interested in boys that can surf.
March 13th:
4:01pm: Marlena’s drunken blog. She says she was tanked, and hot guys wanted to take her home.
March 15th:
2:10pm: Rob posts a new blog. He has the day off work and goes to the art museum. He says he enjoys sitting around playing his XBox.
April 8th:
12:26pm: Marlena’s blog. She talks about things she does when drunk.
April 18th:
8:52am: Lily’s first blog post. Lily talks about going to see a movie, and how she was really disappointed that there was no overarching theme across all the little mini-movies that made up the longer movie. Perhaps an allusion to the film.
May 5th:
3:44pm: Lily’s blog. Lily talks about random conversations heard on the subway.
May 17th:
8:24pm: Jamie posts a random survey to her blog. She has a strange sense of humor.
May 31st:
2:23pm: Jason’s first blog. Nothing interesting, talks about basketball.
June 2nd:
9:12pm: Jason’s blog. Character development: Jason is lazy, his girlfriend Lily wants him to write down everything he does during a day so he can see where he’s losing all his time, he also has access to Slusho! as he drinks one after he gets home.
June 6th:
6:25pm: Jason’s blog. Another sports post, this time about hockey. I agree, hockey is the 2nd best sport in the world (right behind lacrosse).
June 15th:
7:14pm: Marlena’s new blog. Another addition to the down syndrome list.
June 22nd:
3:28pm: Lily’s blog. She’s going to Hillary Clinton’s speech the following night and invites people to join her.
7:28pm: Beth posts a new blog. “A message to men: YOU ARE NOT GETTING IT! (This is not intended for anyone in particular)”
July 10th:
9:09pm: Jason’s blog. A squirrel is loose in the apartment building, Jason comments that people acted like it was a Velociraptor. After the squirrel got out it was ran over by a taxi.
July 16th: (It’s reasonable to assume this is the date that all the myspace profiles were created, as this is the earliest date that comments begin to show up.)
4:27pm: First comment on Rob’s page, and it’s by Beth. She asks him a riddle, “The lights go out, the man cries. What happened?” Not sure if it is related to the movie or not.
4:29pm: First comment on Hud’s page by Rob. “I did it, I caved, I joined myspace. So when do all the hot woman start friending me like you promised?”
4:31pm: First comment on Lily’s page from Jason. “hey babe could you pick up some milk and pb on your way home from work?”
4:33pm: First comment on Jason’s page from Lily. “I hope you didn't just get a myspace account so you can send me little errands to run all day. You do realize there are 3 bodegas right on our block, right?”
4:35pm: Comment on Lily’s page from Jason. “Hey who's the hot guy in your profile pic? He looks like the coolest guy in the world.”
4:36pm: First comment on Beth’s page by Rob. An answer to the riddle: “heard this one. There was a power outage and his wife was on life support. Right?”
4:38pm: Comment on Lily’s page from Marlena. “Hey girl! So much fun last night! After you left, Chin Strap asked for my number. I gave him Jason's.”
4:41pm: First comment on Marlena’s page by Lily. “Oh my god, such a good time! So that explains why Jason got a message on his cell from some guy asking him to dinner at Barbetta...”
4:44pm: Comment on Jason’s page from Marlena. “Your g/f is too cute. I may try to steal her away from you. I think I could do it, too.”
4:51pm: Comment on Rob’s page by Hud. “dude i just took a gamble at work and lost... i'm headed home”
4:53pm: Comment on Hud’s page by Rob. “Musta been all the grimadi's last night. just stay outta my room, ok?”
4:54pm: Comment on Jason’s page from Rob. “hey i talked to mom today. she says you need to call aunt peg and say thank you”
4:55pm: Comment on Lily’s page from Rob. “hey i told jason but i know he won't remember and or care, but his mom wants him to call his aunt peg”
July 18th:
12:29pm: Hud’s blog. He talks about making a remarkable room in his dreamhouse.
July 19th:
6:03pm: Comment on Beth’s page by Rob. “A dude on the subway told me I look like Spike Jonze. I guess you aren't the only one.”
July 23rd:
8:48pm: Comment on Rob’s page by Jamie. “Hey Rob -- This happened literally 10 minutes after you guys left:” Picture is of a boombox smashed through the windshield of a Volvo.
July 24th:
6:10pm: Comment on Rob’s blog by Jason. “I thought you weren't gonna blog, Knobby.”
July 25th:
12:47pm: First comment on Jamie’s page from Hud. “Please tell me you aren't just screwing with everyone. You know how attracted I am to Wiccan chicks.”
August 2nd:
10:56am: Comment on Rob’s blog by Rob. “Hey Dave -- It's for this new marketing software my company asked me to test. It's not the full release yet.” Referring to Rob’s drunk blog, and someone named Dave asking what software he was working on.
August 3rd:
12:20pm: Hud’s blog. He talks about his favorite X-Men character, Cyclopse. Of importance: “And you need that leader character to keep the team together.”
August 6th:
3:59pm: Marlena’s blog. Another addition to the down syndrome list.
August 9th:
11:23am: Comment on Jason’s page from Hud. “Someone ate my last snickers ice cream bar. The only thing getting me through a horrible day at work was knowing I had a cold delicious snickers ice cream bar waiting for me at home. Any idea who might've taken it? By the by, what were you up to yesterday? Lying around the apt as usual...?”
11:25am: Comment on Lily’s page from Hud. “Jason ate my last snickers ice cream bar! I know it was him, don't try to cover for him again. I know you weren't telling the truth when you claimed a robber had broken in and taken my french bread pizza. Why would he leave the xbox360? Who robs peoples homes and only steals french bread pizzas?!”
11:31am: Jason’s blog. Jason asks for advice for his fantasy football team. (I believe this is the earliest we ever see Jason awake by.)
11:31am: Comment on Hud’s page from Jason. “You wanna accuse me of something, Platt, be a man and say it. But I'll tell you right now, I didn't eat your crappy snickers bar. Or your shitty french bread pizza!”
12:06pm: Lily’s blog. More subway conversation snippets.
August 13th:
11:41am: Marlena’s blog. Comments that she is doodling ideas for her own personal fashion line.
11:41am: Comment on Jamie’s page from Marlena. “Girl! You were out of control this weekend! We need to compare notes on Sat night, I have some holes I need filled in. How did we get home?!”
August 14th:
11:17am: Comment on Marlena’s blog by Marlena. “Ha! I'm digging the mullet and the 'stache. The vintage Coke shirt is really cool, do you still have that?”
August 16th:
3:26pm: Comment on Jason’s page from Hud. “I'm going to lick 3 things that belong to you and not tell you which ones until you admit your thieving culinary transgressions!”
3:32pm: Comment on Hud’s page from Jason. “Why don't you lick my ass, Platt?”
August 20th:
1:01pm: Beth posts a new blog appending her list of personal Hell items, nothing of interest.
2:09pm: Comment on Jason’s blog by Jason. “Anyone here from KC? What are the beat reporters saying about LJ? Is he going to report? Is holmes going to make the team?”
August 31st:
11:14am: Another blog from Jamie. She misses Teddy Hanssen.
11:34am: Comment on Jamie’s page from Marlena. “Someone needs cheering up. Girls night out! We have a three day weekend, I bet we could meet a new guy each night. I know you're quivering in antici....”
September 4th:
3:15pm: Jason’s blog. Another comment about his fantasy football team.
September 5th:
12:25pm: Hud asks for comic book character submissions, he is trying to make a story with them all.
12:49pm: Comment on Rob’s page from Beth. “Hey Rob! Are we continuing our Curb tradition? This sunday, my place. I'll order the pizza.”
12:50pm: Comment on Lily’s page from Beth. “Hey what are you up to this weekend? I really need to get some shopping done. I need a new bag and something to wear to my cousin's wedding.”
12:58pm: Comment on Beth’s page from Lily. “That's so funny, I was going to ask you the same thing. How's Satuday morning? Just call me when you get out of work, I have to talk to you about something.”
1:04pm: Comment on Jamie’s page from Marlena. “No, you cannot make chicken nuggets in the mircrowave. You really need to get out of your apartment.”
1:09pm: Comment on Rob’s page from Jamie. “Next time you see your brother? Tell him he's an insensitive asshole.”
1:41pm: Beth’s last blog. She adds 1 more thing to her personal Hell list, Madden football games.
September 6th:
12:50pm: Comment on Hud’s blog from Hud. “Hey no problem, Vlad. Post a pic of your character, and any info you want to share. Then we can all work together to make up a little adventure. Sort of like when you were a kid sitting around the campfire and someone would start telling a story, then pass the flashlight to the next person and they'd add to it, then on to the next person, and so on. As more friends post characters of their own, we'll weave them in.”
September 10th:
6:12pm: Comment on Marlena’s page from Jamie. “Hey girl! Well that certainly got his attention. Teddy-bear called me each of the last three days, and each time we've ended up talking for like 3 hours. I miss the man behind the voice! He says he already watched it ten times and demanded more! Such a sweetie!” This is referring to the Jamie and Teddy videos.
6:14pm: Comment on Jamie’s page from Marlena. “I'm glad it worked for you, honey. I knew if he could just bear witness to your hotness, he'd never stray. Though I still don't think you should have to work so hard.”
September 12th:
7:09pm: Comment on Hud’s blog from Hud. He posts a comic book character someone named Sloshy sent him.
7:16pm: Comment on Hud’s blog from Hud. Another comic book character from Sloshy.
7:22pm: Comment on Hud’s blog from Hud. Another comic book character, this one from Gene. Oddly, Hud provides a link to Gene, but never one to Sloshy?
7:36pm: Jason’s blog. Another question about his fantasy football team.
September 13th:
11:08am: Comment on Hud’s blog from Hud. Another comic book character, this one from Koffy, who has a link.
September 18th:
6:42pm: Comment on Hud’s blog from Hud. Another comic book character, this one from Cory, who also has a link.
September 20th:
3:47pm: Comment on Hud’s blog from Hud. Another comic book character, this one from Jim, who also has a link.
September 26th:
6:36pm: Hud’s last blog. He begins writing his comic. Doesn’t appear to be related to the story.
6:53pm: Comment on Hud’s blog from Hud. “Thanks to everyone to posted their original characters (check out the artist creds in the prior post). You all sent them to me knowing full well they were going to be used in this interactive online story, so don't try to like sue me or anything.”
7:04pm: Comment on Hud’s page from Rob. “That's pretty cool, what you are doing with people's comic book characters. Am I allowed to play, or do am I still banned from the discussion until I read The Watchmen?”
October 2nd:
11:26am: Comment on Beth’s page from Rob. “Hey I'm gonna be in your building tomorrow. We're doing a presentation for a classical radio station that has offices there (I can barely contain my excitement. At least its a better client than the stray cat adoption agency). Anyways, how 'bouts I take you to lunch?”
11:31am: Comment on Rob’s page from Beth. “Yay! I'm so excited! You certainly don't have to 'take' me, but I'd love to join you for lunch! Anything to avoid another meal with Hungry Helen. And my boss is out of town this week so I should be able to steal away for longer than normal. Call me at the office tommorrow!”
11:38am: Comment on Beth’s page from Rob. “Ok pefect. So I'll see you tomorrow then. Let's go to a deli so I can have your pickle.”
5:50pm: Comment on Hud’s blog from Hud. Posts more information about the comic book storyline.
October 8th:
4:52pm: Comment on Hud’s blog from Hud. An updated picture from the mysterious Sloshy.
December 4th:
3:23pm: Comment on Jason’s page from Rob. “Hey so now mom wants us home for by the 22nd cuz we're having an early christmas at aunt anne marie's on the 23rd”
3:55pm: Comment on Beth’s page from Rob. “Hey what are you doing this Friday? Hud and I were gonna go see Golden Compass and we'd feel a lot less lame if you came.”
3:59pm: Comment on Jamie’s page from Rob. “Hey that guy Gary I work with, the one you met at the bar last week, he asked me for your number. What should I tell him?”
3:59pm: Comment on Hud’s page from Rob. “Next year, we're having Slapsgiving.”
4:00pm: Comment on Lily’s page from Rob. “Have I ever told you how much I hate your myspace page? I need sunglasses just to be in the same room.”
4:04pm: Comment on Rob’s page from Beth. “Ohhhh, I'm sorry babe. I'd love to go but I've already got plans Friday night. What are you up to the rest of the weekend?”
4:22pm: Comment on Marlena’s page from Beth. “Project Runway at my place tonight! Let's hope that skinny guy in the conductor hat who cries every episode gets das boot from Heidi!”
4:25pm: Comment on Beth’s page from Lily. “I want to hear about last night! What does the future hold?”
4:29pm: Comment on Lily’s page from Beth. “Oh my god call me tomorrow for all the juicy deats. We'll see what the future holds Friday at Le Bernadin! Ahhh!”
4:36pm: Comment on Beth’s page from Rob. “What could possibly be preferred over nerdy epics with myself and hud?”
4:37pm: Comment on Rob’s page from Beth. “I'm going out with a friend. Sorry! I'd love to hang out with you guys later in the weekend!”
December 12th:
10:46pm: Marlena’s blog. Another addition to the list.
December 13th:
6:23pm: Comment on Hud’s blog from Hud. Further continues his comic book story.
6:28pm: Comment on Rob’s page from Beth. “Rob I'm so sorry I have to cancel our plans again! I'm being whisked away this weekend for to a ski lodge in Vermont. It was a big surprise, I'll call you later tonight! I'm sorry, I promise we'll hang out soon.”
6:31pm: Comment on Hud’s page from Rob. “Let's wallow tonight, man.”
6:33pm: Jason’s blog. Jason hates his fantasy team.
December 17th:
4:48pm: Rob’s new blog. He’s looking for a change in his life, and decides to start actively searching for a new and better job. In my personal opinion the rest of his blog isn’t talking about him being unappreciated at work, but is instead referring to him liking Beth, but getting nowhere with her. This is likely due to Beth continually canceling her plans to spend time with Rob.
December 19th:
5:03pm: Comment on Rob’s blog from Lily. “I know you're hurting, hon. I just don't want you to do anything for the wrong reasons!
5:04pm: Comment on Rob’s blog from Jason. “Jeez, someone needs to get laid.”
5:04pm: Comment on Rob’s blog from Hud. “Dude you can't leave me! Who's gonna shave my back?!”
5:04pm: Comment on Rob’s blog from Marlena. “About time. And yes, you have been living in denial.”
5:05pm: Comment on Rob’s blog from Beth. “Rob I had no idea you were in such a funk! Call me, we'll talk about it. We're friends, right?”
5:05pm: Comment on Rob’s blog from Jamie. “Aw Robby! I'm sorry, babe, I know how you're feeling. Maybe we should get together and cheer each other up...”
December 28th:
12:48pm: Comment on Rob’s page from Beth. “Hey Rob. Good luck this afternoon at the interview! I'm sure they'll love you.”

January 4th:
4:21pm: Rob’s last blog. Rob has found a new job as VP of marketing for Slusho. He comments how he needs to move to Japan for the job. He sounds a little cautious about if he is going to take the job or not, and ends the post saying “I can’t think of a good enough reason not to.”
January 5th:
3:57pm: Comment on Rob’s blog from Jason. “My Japanese friend Kuroki paid me off in Slusho once to settle a bet. That shit is delicious. I’ve been craving more ever since I tried it. Your job will be a piece of cake, Slusho sells itself. Please tell me you get a free lifetime supply or something.” Another post from Jason showing that he drinks Slusho! and loves it.
3:58pm: Comment on Rob’s blog from Rob. “They gave me some t-shirts at the interview, you want one?”
4:02pm: Comment on Rob’s blog from Hud. “Dude I just googled Slusho, did you know they are a subsidiary of some evil oil company called Tagruato? We both know how much you hate oil (you always say “no oil” when you order a hoagie), so you better turn down the job and stay here and live with me forever and ever.”
4:06pm: Comment on Rob’s blog from Marlena. “Gay.”
4:11pm: Comment on Rob’s blog from Lily. “Rob that’s crazy! How soon would you have to leave?”
4:12pm: Comment on Rob’s blog from Rob. “A few weeks, around the middle of the month they said.”
4:15pm: Comment on Rob’s blog from Beth. “Japan!? Oh my god, Rob! Come over this weekend so we can talk about it?”
January 18th: (The day of Rob’s surprise going away party)
5:03pm: Comment on Rob’s page from Hud. “hey man. do you have any like, plans for tonight? cuz I was thinking of watching the complete 7th season of buffy, if you're in”
5:09pm: Comment on Hud’s page from Rob. “That sounds awesome, actually. However, Grimes randomly invited me to see My Fair Lady, he got some free tickets or something. What time are you starting?”
5:13pm: Comment on Rob’s page from Hud. “Time is an illusion, Rob. Lunchtime doubly so.” Quote is from Ford Prefect in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
5:29pm: Jamie’s blog. “Someone is seeing me naked tonight… and his name won’t be Teddy.” “This is the start of a new era, I can feel it.”
5:35pm: Lily’s blog. “DOES ANYONE HAVE AN ICE BUCKET!?!? Ahhhhihateboystheyarelazyanddon'thelpahhhhh!” She sounds frustrated with Jason.
5:39pm: Comment on Lily’s page from Beth. “Alright, I think I'm still gonna come. I might be late, though.”

The Manga
On January 16th this site released a manga that is somehow related to Cloverfield.

The final page credits:
Produced by:
JJ Abrams
Bryan Burk

Story Editor:
David Baronoff

David Baronoff
Matthew Pitts
Nicole Phillips

Story By:
David Baronoff
Matthew Pitts
Nicole Phillips

With Bad Robot credits at the bottom.

Comic Artwork by:
Yoshiki Togawa

The comic itself follows someone named Kishin Aiba while he is in school in Japan. Some older boys are picking on him in a bathroom, but they are interrupted by a girl walking by, she unties Kishin and gives him back his pants that the bullies threw out. Later an alarm goes off, and an announcement is heard saying the alarm was a malfunction. Kishin sees the girl that interrupted the bullies earlier, and starts to walk towards her when the bullies grab him again. They tell him that there was an alarm that went off and they’re going to put him somewhere “safe.” Kishin looks out the window and sees what looks like smoke coming towards the town. Flash to an image of a giant ship with the Tagruato logo sailing through the water towing something behind it with some huge metal chains. We learn about some of the crew onboard, one of them has a wife that’s pregnant and will be delivering soon. We see a single image underwater of some air bubbles rising. We are back with Kishin. He’s been locked in a closet by the bullies, and he’s pleading with them to let him out, we can see that they’ve already walked away from the locked door. Kishin digs into his pockets and pulls out a picture of his mother. We get a flashback to Kishin being younger. Some other kids are making fun of him, telling him his mother isn’t right in the head, she is being nice to Kishin and makes him his favorite meal, then we see that his mother has died. Back inside the locker with Kishin tears are streaming down his face as he recalls this. The bullies are outside and can hear him crying and call him a mama’s boy. Kishin is on the ground crying and punching the floor, we see a quick glimpse of the Tagruato ship still towing something, and the chains start pulling tight as if there is some resistance. The final page is a close up of Kishin crying, and looking very angry with a very wild look in his eyes, the next frame is showing that whatever the boat is towing not only has some big glowing eyes, but that it is rising up out of the water. *To be continued some time in February with the next manga release*

Thanks to the translations of Arienai, and Kosmopol, from the cloverfieldclues website, and the WIRED blog network.

The 6 main story characters, and Jamie, all have their own MySpace pages.
Official website, was slowly updated with pictures leading up to 1-18-08
Official website, contains information about the drink Slusho!
Official website, contains information about the Tagruato corporation.
Official website, the blog spot for the TidoWave movement.
Official website, the video site for all videos Jamie made for Teddy.
Official website, creators of the Cloverfield manga.
Used for getting real world information such as the rift location, and shelf.
Unofficial website that followed along with the story very well.
Unofficial website that contained nearly all the information released since the beginning.
They were a huge help getting references once the websites were taken down on the 18th, as well as using some of their transcriptions for videos and translations of Japanese material.
Had an initial covering of the Cloverfield manga, as well as a short plot synopsis.

Obviously help from this forum, especially those with me in the IRC channel (Special thanks to Circaten because he said so)

Updated: Started the myspace section, it’s huge…
Updated: Finished all the MySpace blogs, doing comments now, then blog comments next…
Updated: Finished all page comments, next up is blog comments, the storyline is really coming together now that you can see what times everything happened at.
Updated: All of MySpace section is finished.
Updated: Synopsis of the Cloverfield manga finished.
Updated: Word broke my links, I fixed them.
Updated: Tagruato and TidoWave websites are back online.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 8:26 am
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This is a good post. I approve :3

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 8:46 am
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Thanks Fleaa. I still want to finish the MySpace and the comic stuff, but I really need to get some sleep tonight, so it will have to wait until morning. If anyone finds any incorrect information, or something from the ARE that I missed that really should be in there (I know I skipped over a lot of little stuff, like the flavors of slusho, and the entire backstory of Tagruato, but that seems to just be filler) post it up and I'll amend it as soon as I can.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:16 am
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jamieandteddy is now password protected??
Awesome information. Lets keep this forums speculation free and mostly on evidence.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:39 am
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taiheung wrote:
jamieandteddy is now password protected??
Awesome information. Lets keep this forums speculation free and mostly on evidence.

Jamie and Teddy has been password protected since day 1.

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I was gonna type something like this up for case things kept going so I wouldn't forget anything and everything would remain clear....I typed a few lines and then decided I couldn't be bothered...

but you've done it for me! wooooooooooo!

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:31 am
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I must have missed the Ganu being attacked thing. Is there a thread for it somewhere... or any other information given out with the update?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:35 am
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Ganu attacked in New York:

Just now wrapping up the MySpace section, I'll update that shortly.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 7:07 pm
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Ok this may sound like a dumb question because I have just recently started following this ARG (ARE) stuff. But, did JJ Abrams and the cloverfield writers also write all of this stuff? It is definetnly 'part' of the movie? I mean it says that it is optional to follow it but you really cant understand Cloverfield without looking at this kind of stuff if you really think about it.

P.S. Really good post, I was looking for a summary of all of this

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:19 pm
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I'm not sure who exactly wrote all of the ARG stuff for the movie, if I had to guess (emphasis on guess, I really have no idea) I would say it was done by the J. Walter Thompson ad agency. They are a well known advertising company that has done ARG stuff before. The only thing I know for sure is that it was not done by 42 Entertainment (Who did the ARG for NIN's album and The Dark Knight).

Whoever it was did an amazing job. This stuff started nearly 2 years ago, well before the movie had a name, and before the first teaser trailer was even released Shocked

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:43 pm
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...and then Magic happens

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Whoever it was did an amazing job. This stuff started nearly 2 years ago, well before the movie had a name, and before the first teaser trailer was even released

How do we know it was started two years ago?

A couple of other names to add to the list of who didn't make this:

GMD Studios - creators of Eldritch Errors, Who is Benjamin Stove, Art of the Heist

Dave Szulborski - creator of Monster Hunters Club, Chasing the Wish, etc.

Jan Libby - creator of the Lonely Girl 15 ARG, and sammeeeeeees.

Area Code - creators of the Chain Factor game.

Mind Candy -creator of PerplexCity

Jane McGonigal - formerly with 42 entertainment - new game forthcoming, worked on World Without Oil

Ken Ecklund - creator of World Without Oil

(I'm sure there are more that is all I can think of at the moment.)
I love this site for being free, in every sense of the word~Spacebass

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Post date: Feb 7, 2006.


My brother

My family, my friends

Gene Wilder


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Great Job. We had this before but it got lost back when we changed the forum structure. SOmebody should put a sticky on this.


PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:08 pm
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My friend just pointed out to me that you can go in and edit blog dates on myspace, but that there is no frontend way of changing dates on comments that are left. So it appears the myspace pages were created on July 16th as thats the earliest comment dates.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:47 pm
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I approve of this post Smile

Very good information and a great source to refer to, new players should definitely give this thread a run down.

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