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[PUZZLE] "Unlock the sound"(solved) & "Open the door"
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The door

I was looking at the Heraclitus of Ephesos site, which is AWESOME. There are a great many quotes from him on there, but a few phrases stuck out at me.

#1. That this man accepted only one source of natural substance...FIRE or Pyre.

#2. The word Logos is everywhere in his writings.

#3. "...but the rest of the men fail to notice what they do after they wake up just as they forget what they do when asleep" which seems to tie in to the Node 6 translation.

#4. "An unapparent harmony is stronger than an apparent one."

This gentleman also seems to be focused on unity and harmony in the world...although what we see is chaos, there is still a unifying energy, and substance to everything.

This also seems to tie in to general Native American and Mayan thoughts as well.


PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 11:39 am
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More info

In reading through more of unfiction, I noticed a previous conversation regarding the translation of the blackhillsradio lightning code. Thunderbolt's were prevelant in there.

I was reading through the Heraclitus website again, and discovered a quote..."Thunderbolt steers all things."


PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:19 pm
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Logos (Greek λόγος) is an important term in philosophy, analytical psychology, rhetoric and religion. It derives from the verb λέγω legō: to count, tell, say, or speak.[1] The primary meaning of logos is: something said; by implication a subject, topic of discourse or reasoning. Secondary meanings such as logic, reasoning, etc. derive from the fact that if one is capable of λέγειν (infinitive) i.e. speech, then intelligence and reason are assumed.

Its semantic field extends beyond "word" to notions such as "thought, speech, account, meaning, reason, proportion, principle, standard", or "logic". In English, the word is the root of "logic," and of the "-ology" suffix (e.g., geology).[2]

Heraclitus established the term in Western philosophy as meaning both the source and fundamental order of the cosmos. The sophists used the term to mean discourse, and Aristotle applied the term to argument from reason. After Judaism came under Hellenistic influence, Philo adopted the term into Jewish philosophy. The Gospel of John identifies Jesus as the incarnation of the Logos, through which all things are made. The gospel further identifies the Logos as God (theos), providing scriptural support for the trinity. It is this sense, the Logos as Jesus Christ and God, that is most common in popular culture.

According to Heraclitus we become intelligent by drawing in this divine reason [logos] through breathing, and forgetful when asleep, but we regain our senses when we wake up again. For in sleep, when the channels of perception are shut, our mind is sundered from its kinship with the surrounding, and breathing is the only point of attachment to be preserved, like a kind of root; being sundered, our mind casts off its former power of memory. But in the waking state it again peeps out through the channels of perception as though through a kind of window, and meeting with the surrounding it puts on its power of reason...

The above statement looks relevant to this discussion.

So there seems to be a growing interest with literary figures. I wonder how long until there is a connection with Hemingway (green hills of africa) heh.

I have a feeling the "door" is a website that has not been found yet.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:43 am
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