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[REFERENCE]The Story of Ny Takma
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 [REFERENCE]The Story of Ny Takma

There’s a lot of information, and I mean A LOT of information for this game, so if anyone thinks I’ve missed anything important (which is more than possible) please please let me know so I can add it to this recap.

EDIT: Also, i'll keep updating it as the story progresses.

The story so far….

On September 30, a strange email was received directing players to an even stranger website that contained two videos and various indications that “The End” was coming on October 13. The number 13 popped up again and again. The source code revealed a link to two mp3s that sounded like some unidentifiable tribal language. In the middle of the page, over a map of what might have been Greenland, A lizard or feline eye. The first videos showed what looked like a missle destroying the planet. These videos are still available for viewing here:
and here:

The site was soon updated with two new videos. The first video on the site showed an Asian man saying, “How are you going to live your life" with Chinese? txt below, aview of some African children with a text overlay "MAKE THE BEST OF A BAD SITUATION"...and then a blonde boy on a sailboat (an American flag displayed behind him) with a text overlay of NY TYLD DI LANTI. (this last photo appeared again on the curiosity page discovered after the Oct. 13th site update)

It was discovered that playing the videos in tandem created the following message:
“Think of the possibility that I have no future. How are you going to live your life? Enjoy every moment? Make the best of a bad situation? ....or fight for a future?”

Over the next few days, new messages in the source warned players that, despite their efforts, the game, and our understanding, would begin on October 13th. On the 4th of Sept. the source code revealed Yshk Lanti’s email address. Players speculated about the origins of the mysterious language, but with no success. Soon, players received email replies from Yshk Lanti. Often, rather than answering direct questions, Yshk Lanti asked his/her own questions of the sender or sent cryptic, dismissive replies. Unprompted, however Yshk Lanti asked
“Where is Hank?”
in his email to Byrant.
Bryant replied with
“Who and where is Hank? Why do I need to find him?”

To which Yshk Lanti answered,
“Hank is her father You must help him when the time comes”

The site was updated with a string of words, (sorrow, suffering, throe, torment, torture, woe, wretchedness......affliction, agony, distress, dole, grief, heartache, heartbreak, hurting, misery, pang, rue) soon to become very familiar to those players who stuck it out thru October 13th. Yshk Lanti sent an email with the misspelled word “urself,” leading to The new page contained a 48 word synonym list for “Confusion

While we all waited on the edges of our seats, wild speculation abounded. Some believed the site was a launch pad for the final Series of Unfortunate Events book. Others believed that we would be told of a race of Lizard Alien overlords who would try to enslave us.

On October 11, the site changed to a brownish dinghy looking color. The site was now called “Ny Takma,” meaning “The End.” The familiar lizard eye in the middle of the page had turned yellow and there was a new flash with different symbols (maybe codes? Yes! It was!) under the eye. Immediately the faithful began decompiling the flash frames to reveal,

"What would you do enjoy every moment with family that you love with friends who love you enjoying your hobbies a good book perhaps

Would you suffer and live as though life could not be better with nature and faith that beyond this life so much more exists

would you fight for your future fight for the future of those you love fight for those you never have met would you do things you so despise to give you yourselve one more day

Over the past week what have you done did you love your family settle for the suffering or fight for the future?

It quickly approaches the end Or the beginning 286 286 286 286 286 the day is upon us have you prepared”

As October 13th grew nearer, the anticipation was deafening, as was the chatter on the boards. The faithful gathered in #nytakma to welcome the end together. What would the end bring? An explosion? A rocket? A site update? No one could be certain. Suddenly, the eye, it changed again! With only a few minutes remaining, the players expressed their love for one another and waited for a giant explosion. And what an explosion it was.

Zero hour passed and the site was updated to it’s current incarnation. The faithful players pounced on the new material like hyenas on a discarded impala carcass. The hex on the first tab was immediately translated, revealing more about Hank;
“He fahered the hild depite her nknwn origns, genuinel lving he.”

Using the missing letters from the decoded hex, players soon discovered the curiosity page, which provided coordinates to Hank’s location and the directive to ” find him and convince him.” Hmmm, we collectively wondered, can Hank be found within the Bermuda Triangle? Did he find a child in the sea? Is she the daughter of Atlantis?

A new hunt was on. In less than 24 hours Hank Morgan was located. A lonely man, searching for answers in the Bermuda Triangle. What he found instead: mysterious recordings of a strange language. Like most men obsessed, Hank has lost many precious things in his search for understanding. His daughter, Kendra, now grown, resents his obsession with the sea. She has struggled to forgive him, and has recently tried to reconnect with her father. She even joined Hank on his last trip into the Bermuda Triangle. Kendra may have good reason to resent Hank’s obsession. His wife, her mother, frustrated that her husband seemed to love the sea more than his own family, committed suicide. Still in mourning after 7 years, Hank turns to the sea for comfort.

Hank is often accompanied on these trips by his faithful friend John. Friends since before Kendra joined the Morgan family, John is very protective of the girl, even threatening bodily harm to any man who…you get the idea. He’s also very protective of Hank, so be careful how you approach him. A bit of a drinker, and a wiz with computers, john can often be found online. He prefers to flirt with the female players, however.

True to his word, Hank posted a recording of the mysterious language on his blog. Players tried to transcribe the recording and sent their transcriptions to Yshk Lanti for verification. Yshk Lanti corrected our mistakes and we added to our growing lexicon of weird words. More and more signs pointed to Atlantis. A bust of Plato, the first author of the Atlantis myth. Larimar, known as the Atlantis Stone. An email signed “For Atlantis, Yshk Lanti.”

Players speculated that the larimar stone on the curiosity page was stegged. We turned to Yshk Lanti for help. As is usual with Yshk Lanti, instead of a direct answer, we were given a puzzle. A new page, A math problem? Are you kidding me? Thank god for brute force attempts. The password for destegging: esetula. We were given a note book page with more strange writing on it: (the puzzle was eventually solved the correct way, and Yshk Lanti allowed the winner to ask one question that he/she would answer directly. Caterpillar asked:
What significance does Hank’s foundling daughter hold for the Lanti?
Yshk Lanti replied,
“This is a very good question, though I must admit I expected you to ask me to translate some Lanti for you or even who I am. I can answer this question. She is not of Hank’s blood, her significance lies in what she can do for us rather than what she can do for the Lanti. I hope this answer is to your liking, and yes I am indeed here on Earth”

Meanwhile, back on the original numbers site, the Yshk Gai tab updated with a poem. The same poem was quoted on Kendra’s deadjournal, with one word changed. Now, instead of the phrase “Love, still I be burning in thy stove,” we read “Aristos, still I be burning in thy stove.”

Soon, players were blessed with a chat with John and Hank. Hank informed us that he had found someone to translate his recordings!
“Esteemed Citizens I regret to inform you that there has been a dire mistake made in an effort to continue the advancement of our civilization, we have brought spite and fury upon us from the visitors"
All hail the glorious Bryan, translator of underwater languages! But who was this Bryan and how was he able to succeed where so many brave and intelligent Ufers had failed? Should we be looking for Bryan?

After more than a few nudges from Yshk Lanti, it was established that yes, we should look for Bryan. But Bryan who? The only information we had on him was the he liked antiques and languages. Maybe he was in Mississippi. More nudges from Yshk Lanti and YES! Yes of course! Bryan Aristos, antiques collector, linguist, trekkie. Again, back on the numbers page, an update. The Yshk La tab now contained another passage in Atlantean. Hurray! At last, a translator for our mysterious language. Immediately Bryan was asked to translate a number of different passages. But Bryan wouldn’t just roll over and translate every word we have. Instead he wanted to teach us about the language so that we can translate it ourselves. Little by little the Atlantean passages are translated, but there is still much to work on.

One bit of the Atlantean language interests Bryan, however. He asks about the atlantean references to Hank and Kendra. An obsession and a daughter not his own; this does not have any connection to atlantean myths. But, do we trust Bryan and tell him about Kendra? After all Yshk Lanti seemed to suggest that Bryan was covered in blood. More suspicions about Bryan have popped up in the last few days.

In all of the furious searching for Bryan, it was easy to forget about Hank. But recent events in Hank’s life would bring him back to the forefront. On the 29th, Hank returned from another of his trips to the triangle. Sitting down to blog about his trip, the lights suddenly go out. Closer inspection reveals that the breaker has been switched off. Believing that it is John’s idea of a Halloween prank, Hank turns the power back on and returns to the house. The door is ajar. Hank clearly remembers closing the door when he left to check the breaker. Footsteps, running out the back, but Hank is too late. Someone has stolen his notes.

Then, yesterday, November 2, a message was discovered in the picture on the Yshk La page. A sort of jig saw puzzle with the final image of a cliff next to the ocean. An upside down seal displaying what looked like the ark of the covenant and a goddess sitting on it. (Moelcularr superimposed the original lizard eye over the ark picture to reveal that, yes, we've seen this image before) Someone on the cliff….a strange crucifix at the top of the cliff. Additionally, a picture in ASCII of a hand containing the words “Bryan, blood, suspect(s), must, meet, Kendra, Bryan.” The bottom of the image contained a message in binary, saying “do not let them see the images.” Who are “them?” Where is was this picture taken? What is up with that strange seal? Who is that goddess? Should Bryan and Kendra meet?

Soon Hank believed he was being followed. He arranged a meeting with Bryan, who planned to drive down to Florida to discuss the Lanti language. Some of us were still unsure about Byran, as the messages we had received indicated that he shouldn’t be trusted.

Meanwhile, Kendra was having some interesting times herself. While previously she was having disturbing dreams, now she dreamt of a single shape, which seemed to calm her. Upon awaking, she decided to redecorate her place. Some players chatted with her in the midst of her redecorating and chatted with a very manic sounding Kendra. Kendra soon updated her blog with pictures of her work. We discovered that she had covered all of her walls, lamps, telephones, etc. with pictures of this shape, a Rhombicosidodecahedron. Needless to say, we were all a little concerned about Kendra’s mental health. Luckily, Kendra came out of this strange fugue state and agreed that her decorating had gone waaaay off the deep end. After speaking with Hank, she decided it would be best to talk to a professional.

Around this same time, Sylvia discovered a video on youtube from someone named TheSomnambulist42.

Added November 11, 2006
From TheSomnambulist42

I thought someone was sneaking into my room at nights, but it seems I have a bad case of sleepwalking. I even write while I'm asleep, but the notes look like a bunch of Gobbledygook to me.

And what the hell is that voice? I think something happened with the camera. Has anyone else had something like this happen? Am I just sleepwalking? Should I be looking for a shrink?

Sylvia, thankfully, transcribed the video for us:
I just can't take it anymore. I'm not sleeping well. So now I'm going to find out who's been sneaking into my room, who's been leaving all those weird notes. Doing lord knows what with my computer. Now, I'm going to catch him. bastard.

---female voice, sounds like Lanti, but I can't hear it well enough to transcribe it---

He takes notes, then starts entering something into his computer. Then goes back to bed.

Hank updated his blog again, inviting us all to a chat, hoping to “clear the air.” That night, we all waited for Hank and John to join us in chat. However, when Hank arrived he informed us that John would not be in chat because they had had a huge fight. We had all figured that something had happened between the two of them, after reading vague comments on John’s myspace page. Hank began to tell us of the fight but was interrupted by a strange noise. He came back to tell us that Bryan had already left and was on his way to Hank’s place in Florida. He was just able to tell us that he’d be sending out another newsletter when he heard the noise again. Suddenly, Hank was gone. Someone in Hanks house sent the following message:
hauntedhank (8:40:04 PM): Good night all. Hank will no longer require your services.

Hank was dead.

A detective later asked us some questions, but refused to tell us if Kendra was alright, or even what had really happened to Hank. Kendra eventually called Sylvia and was sobbing so much Sylvia could barely understand what she was saying. But the fact remained. Hank had been murdered.

Kendra kept her appointment with the psychiatrist who put Kendra under hypnosis. Under hypnosis Kendra seemed to be channeling Chaya. Upon coming out of the trance, Kendra had the following conversation with the Dr.

"Who is Chaya?"

"Chaya? I don't know," I replied.

"You repeated the name multiple times. It seems to be a point of frustration, anger, or sorrow for you."

"How can you discern that? I don't even know who the fuck she, he, it, is."

"Because when you started repeating her cried. Do you speak a second language?"

"No. Why?"

"Nevermind," she said.

Nevermind? Fuck. I thought I'd get some answers, but now there's only more questions.

Yshk Lanti finally answered our concerned email regarding Hank’s death. She urged us to help Bryan find his destiny and finally revealed that SHE was Chaya, Bryan’s missing wife.

John was now on the run, but he was able to contact Kendra and they set up a chat for the players. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR DAIKAH’S WONDERFUL SUMMARY OF THAT NIGHT’S EVENT
The Player formerly known as Hyexistenz.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 03, 2006 7:11 am
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Dances With Wikis

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Thanks, that's great! I've copied it to the wiki at Story so far (or the Outline link from the menu)
ARGFest 2013 - Seattle!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:51 am
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I Have No Life

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putting a face to the characters

this is Kendra:
 Description   This is Kendra Morgan aka Water Baby
 Filesize   57.57KB
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 Description   this is John Valentine aka Chasingtriangles
 Filesize   6.74KB
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 5:05 pm
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 1:06 am
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Character Relationships

Just a quick drawing I did to try and illustrate the current character relations as I know them.

* Updated 11/17
-Yshk Lanti
+Chaya information
+Relationship Information/some speculation
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While the Law of Fives is never wrong, I often am.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 10:29 am
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November 19, 2006, 12:01AM
Progress in the storyline, with Kendra's planned voiced chat on Yahoo Messenger.

The chat started at midnight as planned. Kendra and John were listening to some rock music and eager to tell us about a letter that was addressed to Kendra, from Hank. Inside the letter, Hank informed her (and us) that she was in fact, not his daughter. The details went on to explain that she mysteriously appeared inside the cabin of Hank and Sarah's boat one day while they were out sailing. The odd thing was that they were away from port for almost a week, and there really isn't any place to hide on the boat, so she just materialized out of thin air.

Hank told her that she would find sanctuary, and told her that the picture of the chapel was what she was drawing on that fateful day. She was guessed to have been five years old, and it was confirmed by a doctor. So, Hank and Sarah raised her as their own.

We also find out that the Detective is chasing after Bryan Aristos, because good old Rita, the next door neighbor, gave a description that perfectly matched his appearance. Apparently, Bryan has had a run-in with the law before and was on record. This also makes Kendra quite pissed, because we are also friends of Bryan, and if Bryan killed Hank, she really wouldn't like us, right? Anyway, deciding to let that go, she asked for help on finding the church.

We also suggested that Chaya might be a part of Kendra, or she might be channelling Chaya's spirit. That naturally didn't go too well, and she was having a hard time believing it. But, she seemed more docile about it after we informed her that Bryan's wife was named Chaya, and he's looking for her, and the YouTube personality we found earlier, with the sleepwalker, had Chaya's voice (who Bryan recognized). Thus, this could be more believable.

After some leads that really weren't turning up too many good clues, John happened to stumble across ANOTHER box jewelry box in the closet. This time, it was a wooden puzzle box, and it needed to be solved. Hearing some basic instructions on how to solve a puzzle box, John and Kendra went at it and it opened up. Inside, they found a picture of the Ark of the Covenant.

With this piece of information, as well as the chapel picture that was found earlier, molecular found a picture of the exact church on the internet. It was a church that was linked to the Ark as well, so it panned out. Apparently, it's located in Ethiopia, so Kendra and John prepare to book a flight and head out to find this church.

Their story, I'm sure, will continue... but what about Bryan? With the detective on his tail, and the fact that he is important to the overall order of things, what are we to do? Help in the capture of him? Or help him to escape? We'll soon find out, eh?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2006 6:15 am
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In Conclusion....

At this point all of our doubts about Bryan we’re gone and we quickly tried to warn him that he was in danger. We handed over all of the information we had, including the fact that John and Kendra were on their way to Axum, Ethiopia. It was at this point that we discovered that Chaya was Bryan’s wife and someone had taken her from him. Of course we rushed in to help them reunite by showing Bryan the pictures of the Ark, etc. What we received from our efforts was the revelation that Bryan had killed Hank and now also Hank’s neighbor, Rita.

I want to thank you for your efforts to help me, in that you will
be rewarded with honesty.

That Bitch Rita fessed up and told me that John and Kendra left
town yesterday, it took some work and a few fingers to get her to
talk, but she did. Apparently your friend John told her they were
headed out of the country. I could only imagine the two of them
are heading to Africa.

I greatly appreciate your efforts in helping me find the location
of my wife. You have already helped me more than you know. Kendra
has gone to the find my wife and little does she know that she is
the key to releasing my destiny.

Once we free her, forcibly or not, Chaya and I can return home and
this world can suffer for the torment it has forced us to face.
They only saw the tip of what I can do after they took her from me.
They were upset we were leaving, they tried to stop me from going
by taking my love away from me. This world corrupted has been
corrupted by mankind for too long now, and I am sick of breathing
your filthy air.

So Bryan was from Atlantis?!? Didn’t see that one coming! And now we’d handed him John and Kendra on a silver platter.

Over in Ethiopia, John and Kendra arrived safely and were immediately recognized as VIPs. The taxi driver’s told them a story about an angel trapped in a box who would be released by the blood of the king. The driver’s father met Kendra and John at their hotel and told them more details about the ark. The old man was part of a secret society who protected the ark, telling themselves that one day, the blood of the king would set her free to right the wrongs of her ancestors. He would help John and Kendra get into the church.

John purchased a pistol for protection, as it was now certain that Bryan was EEEEEEEvil and was on his way for a final showdown, Indiana Jones style.

John contacted us from inside the church. Kendra was getting the grand tour. She was still unsure about releasing Chaya. But the priest revealed that she need only touch the angel wings on top of the ark to release Chaya. Everyone waited, breathlessly. A small plane was spotted circling the area and John reminded us of his trusty pistol. The players warned John to be careful, it seemed Bryan would stop at nothing to be reunited with Chaya. Players speculated that bullets would not stop Bryan. But it was too late…John spotted Bryan coming down the street. The showdown was beginning.

John left and we were treated to a quick chat with ahmyl mahmyd, the priest helping Kendra and John. He relayed what he was experiencing….a lot of noise outside, the Aristos coming at ahmyl, then silence.

Soon Kendra came online, under John’s AIM name to tell us it was over. Without answering any questions, she signed off.

No one understood what happened. But we weren’t dead, so at least we had that going for us.

The numbers site updated with this final message:

two lovers were reunited

the old man died - poor ahmyl

Kendra weeps at the foot of a cross

John was a failure his whole life

until Ny Takma

Thank you

Sylvia, Ancalime, Jwiv, Travis(Aeon), Hyexistenz, Molecullar, Fragment, Daikah

And a new link to

and that folks, is Ny Takma.

Thanks so much to the PMs for a truly wonderful game.
The Player formerly known as Hyexistenz.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 4:27 am
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I Have No Life

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Job well Done

hyexistenz, you did an excellent job with the story-so-far. You rock girl. Thank you.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 4:49 am
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