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[Interaction] John Valentine
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Author Message
I Have No Life

Joined: 21 Apr 2006
Posts: 2062

 AIM Chat with John
Friday, October 20, 2006

Note: some of the aim emoticons want display here, for example :-X is an icon with tape over it's mouth equal to this Censored
chasingtriangles (11:29:12 PM) has entered the room.
chasingtriangles (11:29:20 PM): that works
TheSly11111 (11:29:27 PM): hey John
chasingtriangles (11:29:39 PM): awe shit don't tell me
chasingtriangles (11:29:44 PM): sausage fest already
TheSly11111 (11:29:44 PM): OK, I fixed my forum post
linguisticphoebe (11:29:45 PM): Hi John!
chasingtriangles (11:29:51 PM): phoebe there we go
linguisticphoebe (11:29:56 PM): No, there's only one guy here aside from you right now
chasingtriangles (11:29:57 PM): so it's not a total sausage fest
chasingtriangles (11:30:11 PM): well that's good
chasingtriangles (11:30:21 PM): he and I can work our magic with you ladies
chasingtriangles (11:30:25 PM): I get two
chasingtriangles (11:30:27 PM): he can have one
chasingtriangles (11:30:53 PM): So I'll go first
chasingtriangles (11:30:58 PM): My name is John Valentine
chasingtriangles (11:31:12 PM): I've been addicted to whatever whatever for so many years now
chasingtriangles (11:31:59 PM): ok this is where you all say, yay John
TheSly11111 (11:31:59 PM): John, I'm Sylvia, all the good aim screen names where gone so this one sort of fits
chasingtriangles (11:32:01 PM): or some shit
chasingtriangles (11:32:13 PM): awe hey sweetheart
chasingtriangles (11:32:21 PM): I didn't mean what I said about the whole I got two
chasingtriangles (11:32:24 PM): he gets one
chasingtriangles (11:32:36 PM): I was kidding
chasingtriangles (11:32:38 PM): yeah that's it
chasingtriangles (11:32:57 PM): Phoebe, you had asked about the times
chasingtriangles (11:33:03 PM): I believe most anytime Saturday
linguisticphoebe (11:33:10 PM): Yeah. Okay.
chasingtriangles (11:33:11 PM): and later in the day Sunday
chasingtriangles (11:33:21 PM): well shit
chasingtriangles (11:33:28 PM): later in the day Saturday too
chasingtriangles (11:33:34 PM): I want to sleep my ass in tomorrow
chasingtriangles (11:33:47 PM): and don't you say a damned word about that blonde
chasingtriangles (11:33:59 PM): So
chasingtriangles (11:34:01 PM): um
linguisticphoebe (11:34:03 PM): Haha
chasingtriangles (11:34:04 PM): Sylvia
TheSly11111 (11:34:16 PM): heard she fell asleep on you
chasingtriangles (11:34:16 PM): you are going to be here for the chat right?
chasingtriangles (11:34:20 PM): shit
TheSly11111 (11:34:24 PM): I'll be here
chasingtriangles (11:34:25 PM): what the hell is this?
chasingtriangles (11:34:29 PM): gossip central
chasingtriangles (11:34:34 PM): there goes working that magic
chasingtriangles (11:34:39 PM): dammit
AtomForce1979 (11:34:41 PM): hahahaha
AtomForce1979 (11:35:03 PM): hey john Adam here
chasingtriangles (11:35:03 PM): that must be rinky dinky sausage boy
AtomForce1979 (11:35:07 PM): yep
AtomForce1979 (11:35:11 PM): muss be
chasingtriangles (11:35:16 PM): what the hell two fricken first names?!
chasingtriangles (11:35:21 PM): John Adam?
chasingtriangles (11:35:26 PM): shit
AtomForce1979 (11:35:29 PM): you're john
chasingtriangles (11:35:34 PM): yeah I know
AtomForce1979 (11:35:37 PM): sorry, forgot the comma
linguisticphoebe (11:35:38 PM): No, YOU'RE John. Had too many beers again? Smile
catwood76 (11:35:42 PM): alright, i've posted my version of instructions, all based should be covered now
chasingtriangles (11:35:43 PM): and you just said you're John Adam
chasingtriangles (11:35:46 PM): oh what the hell
chasingtriangles (11:36:07 PM): wait
chasingtriangles (11:36:12 PM): instructions for what?
chasingtriangles (11:36:37 PM): ok chirp chirp
chasingtriangles (11:36:50 PM): spit it out
chasingtriangles (11:37:01 PM): shit be right back
chasingtriangles (11:37:05 PM): empty bottle
linguisticphoebe (11:37:07 PM): For how people can get into the chat
catwood76 (11:37:14 PM): i'm not sure i'm comfortable with the language in here
linguisticphoebe (11:37:17 PM): Getting an AIM screenname and all that
catwood76 (11:37:46 PM): unfortunately, AIM chat rooms don't come with moderators
catwood76 (11:37:59 PM): i'll check in tomorrow
chasingtriangles (11:38:01 PM): back beer in me
catwood76 (11:38:01 PM) has left the room.
AtomForce1979 (11:38:09 PM): whats a back beer
AtomForce1979 (11:38:12 PM): jk
chasingtriangles (11:38:14 PM): awe damn offended someone
chasingtriangles (11:38:28 PM): if any of you have any problems with my language
chasingtriangles (11:38:30 PM): just let me knwo
chasingtriangles (11:38:31 PM): know
chasingtriangles (11:38:37 PM): I'll speak another or something
chasingtriangles (11:39:21 PM): but seriously
linguisticphoebe (11:39:26 PM): Haha. All right. Well, I'm okay with your language. Used to it by now, but I can't speak for anyone else
chasingtriangles (11:39:31 PM): Hank told me to tone it down so if you guys wish I will
TheSly11111 (11:39:40 PM): just be yourself John
chasingtriangles (11:39:50 PM): I'm sure he'll have a leash on me for the chat
TheSly11111 (11:39:55 PM): but yea, maybe tone it down a little
chasingtriangles (11:39:55 PM): or a gag
chasingtriangles (11:39:57 PM): or something
chasingtriangles (11:40:16 PM): or heck he might tie some concrete shoes on me
chasingtriangles (11:40:21 PM): and drop me over the side
chasingtriangles (11:40:23 PM): woohoo
AtomForce1979 (11:41:04 PM): hey john whats your fav beer
chasingtriangles (11:41:17 PM): Abita
chasingtriangles (11:41:18 PM): by far
chasingtriangles (11:41:24 PM): but I'll settle for Corona
chasingtriangles (11:41:35 PM): you sending me some?
AtomForce1979 (11:41:56 PM): Yeah lemmie go jump in my yacht
chasingtriangles (11:42:05 PM): woah there fella
AtomForce1979 (11:42:10 PM): jjk
chasingtriangles (11:42:12 PM): you best not be triangle to pick me up
chasingtriangles (11:42:23 PM): where is the boot button
chasingtriangles (11:42:26 PM): someone
AtomForce1979 (11:42:26 PM): gross
chasingtriangles (11:42:31 PM): someone boot him please
chasingtriangles (11:42:47 PM): I don't do pretzel sausages
chasingtriangles (11:42:53 PM): fair warning
chasingtriangles (11:42:58 PM): you take another step forward
chasingtriangles (11:43:20 PM): you'll lose something more precious than hook lost to the gator
linguisticphoebe (11:43:44 PM): I think he was just trying to offer you a friendly beer, John
TheSly11111 (11:43:54 PM): yea, that's all
chasingtriangles (11:44:02 PM): uh huh
chasingtriangles (11:44:05 PM): gotcha
chasingtriangles (11:44:06 PM): I guess
chasingtriangles (11:44:13 PM): but he's got fair warning
chasingtriangles (11:44:24 PM): tick-tock tick-tock
chasingtriangles (11:44:41 PM): make another mistep and the gator is going to be all over you son
chasingtriangles (11:44:52 PM): So
chasingtriangles (11:44:55 PM): hell
chasingtriangles (11:45:04 PM): bottoms up brother John Adam
AtomForce1979 (11:45:09 PM): you ARE a total jackass.
AtomForce1979 (11:45:13 PM): later guys
chasingtriangles (11:45:16 PM): why thank you
AtomForce1979 (11:45:18 PM) has left the room.
chasingtriangles (11:45:36 PM): hmm
chasingtriangles (11:46:15 PM): well guess I'll just shut my pie hole
linguisticphoebe (11:46:26 PM): I think you probably will need to be a little more polite during the real chat so we don't scare everyone away
chasingtriangles (11:46:39 PM): Razz
chasingtriangles (11:47:09 PM): but yeah
chasingtriangles (11:47:20 PM): anytime later in the day Sat or Sun should be fine
chasingtriangles (11:47:37 PM): and yeah I'll put a leash on it
TheSly11111 (11:47:44 PM): OK, great
linguisticphoebe (11:47:50 PM): Sounds good
chasingtriangles (11:48:02 PM): I'll put on my good pro-fessional like face on
chasingtriangles (11:48:21 PM): Ma'am I am here to serve
linguisticphoebe (11:48:29 PM): What, you have a professional face?
linguisticphoebe (11:48:33 PM): Smile
chasingtriangles (11:48:39 PM): :-X
chasingtriangles (11:48:42 PM): looks like that
chasingtriangles (11:48:50 PM): Very Happy
linguisticphoebe (11:49:20 PM): Oh, I get it. Heh.
JWtheFourth (11:50:16 PM) has entered the room.
linguisticphoebe (11:50:35 PM): Okay, JW is another don't jump down his throat like a crazy guy, okay?
chasingtriangles (11:50:39 PM): So professionally speaking I doth believeth this chat has been professionally laid to rest
chasingtriangles (11:50:54 PM): oh
chasingtriangles (11:51:01 PM): another one of umm
chasingtriangles (11:51:03 PM): "them"
chasingtriangles (11:51:41 PM): JWtheFourth
JWtheFourth (11:51:46 PM): or jwiv
chasingtriangles (11:51:48 PM): so where ya from um sir
chasingtriangles (11:51:50 PM): oh
chasingtriangles (11:51:51 PM): you
chasingtriangles (11:51:56 PM): what the hell
JWtheFourth (11:51:57 PM): Yah
chasingtriangles (11:52:02 PM): I'd buy that man a beer
chasingtriangles (11:52:08 PM): he saved my manhood tonight
chasingtriangles (11:52:19 PM): then again I'm sure you all already know about that
TheSly11111 (11:52:23 PM): lol
linguisticphoebe (11:53:14 PM): We talk to each other a lot. Very Happy
TheSly11111 (11:53:25 PM): we like to gossip
chasingtriangles (11:53:30 PM): Yes ma'am I completely understand
chasingtriangles (11:53:39 PM): wholely fully and subordinately?
chasingtriangles (11:53:42 PM): umm
chasingtriangles (11:53:48 PM): kaka
chasingtriangles (11:53:52 PM): there woot
chasingtriangles (11:53:55 PM): didn't say shit
chasingtriangles (11:53:56 PM): shit
chasingtriangles (11:53:57 PM): dammit
chasingtriangles (11:53:59 PM): kaka
chasingtriangles (11:54:43 PM): ok let's pretend I am like one of those robot guys from that show
chasingtriangles (11:54:47 PM): Star Trek
TheSly11111 (11:54:52 PM): John tell us about your adventure into the triangle with hank
chasingtriangles (11:54:58 PM): please upload a new language database into my head
chasingtriangles (11:55:10 PM): my adventure with hank in the triangle eh?
chasingtriangles (11:55:15 PM): kaka
chasingtriangles (11:55:22 PM): woohoo did it again
chasingtriangles (11:55:26 PM): where to start though
chasingtriangles (11:55:43 PM): you know you're talking to a man with a 4 minute memory
chasingtriangles (11:55:52 PM): I can't even remember my LAST ex-wive's name
linguisticphoebe (11:55:58 PM): How'd Hank talk you into this in the first place?
chasingtriangles (11:56:06 PM): awe
chasingtriangles (11:56:07 PM): well
chasingtriangles (11:56:15 PM): I got seperated from the navy
chasingtriangles (11:56:24 PM): medical retirement for my shoulder
chasingtriangles (11:56:27 PM): I was bumming
chasingtriangles (11:56:30 PM): he was bumming
chasingtriangles (11:56:39 PM): he said "come out with me"
chasingtriangles (11:56:43 PM): I said "hell no"
chasingtriangles (11:56:55 PM): the conversation went to umm kaka
chasingtriangles (11:57:18 PM): then we got on the boat, sailed out caught some fish and listened to the radio
chasingtriangles (11:57:37 PM): basically I ain't got anything better to do
chasingtriangles (11:57:57 PM): and John saved me from an undescribable fate
chasingtriangles (11:58:06 PM): Hank
chasingtriangles (11:58:39 PM): John Adam wait that dude that was here earlier
chasingtriangles (11:58:48 PM): any relation that you know of?
linguisticphoebe (11:59:02 PM): No, pretty sure there's no relation there.
chasingtriangles (11:59:29 PM): always wanted to tell off some kin to a president
chasingtriangles (11:59:41 PM): so yeah
linguisticphoebe (11:59:45 PM): Okay, so I'm thinking tomorrow at 4 PM PST or so, is that going to work for you guys?
chasingtriangles (11:59:45 PM): that's basically it anyway
TheSly11111 (11:59:48 PM): he is coming back, so John mind your manners
chasingtriangles (11:59:57 PM): 4pm PST?
chasingtriangles (12:00:01 AM): the hel..
chasingtriangles (12:00:06 AM): heck kind of time is that?
linguisticphoebe (12:00:06 AM): Too late? Too early?
AtomForce1979 (12:00:13 AM) has been invited.
linguisticphoebe (12:00:15 AM): Pacific time, west coast time
AtomForce1979 (12:00:18 AM) has entered the room.
chasingtriangles (12:00:18 AM): that is what 7 or so eastern?
linguisticphoebe (12:00:23 AM): Yeah
chasingtriangles (12:00:38 AM): Hey John Adam sorry about being a di er jackbrownhole to ya
chasingtriangles (12:00:50 AM): there there phoebe you see
chasingtriangles (12:00:54 AM): sylvia you see
linguisticphoebe (12:01:00 AM): Good job. Smile
AtomForce1979 (12:01:05 AM): its ok, sorry bout snappin back, I'm irish.
chasingtriangles (12:01:13 AM): well shit er
chasingtriangles (12:01:15 AM): kaka
chasingtriangles (12:01:30 AM): then you know some good redheaded gals!?
AtomForce1979 (12:01:51 AM): I'll see what I can do...
chasingtriangles (12:02:08 AM): got to get a fresh start after all the blabbermouths went telling sylvia about my night tonight
TheSly11111 (12:02:47 AM): hey John, your a free man, you can do have you darn well please
chasingtriangles (12:03:03 AM): oh and just for you sylvia
chasingtriangles (12:03:21 AM): I, John Valentine, do solemnly swear to be on the bestest of my behavior
chasingtriangles (12:03:27 AM): and so forth
chasingtriangles (12:03:29 AM): and so on
chasingtriangles (12:03:51 AM): do free men have to pay alimony?
chasingtriangles (12:03:59 AM): five times over?!
JWtheFourth (12:04:04 AM): Nope
chasingtriangles (12:04:09 AM): didn't think so
TheSly11111 (12:04:18 AM): how did you get yourself in that mess
chasingtriangles (12:04:20 AM): thanks JW
chasingtriangles (12:04:35 AM): lust and love are the same thing to me
chasingtriangles (12:04:42 AM): they stay one night and we're married the next
chasingtriangles (12:04:51 AM): few years later they leave and I'm broke
chasingtriangles (12:05:36 AM): JW never asked before
chasingtriangles (12:05:40 AM): the hell is your name?
chasingtriangles (12:05:45 AM): let me guess
JWtheFourth (12:05:48 AM): Josh
chasingtriangles (12:05:55 AM): hell you didn't let me guess
chasingtriangles (12:05:57 AM): no fair
JWtheFourth (12:06:00 AM): Not joshua
JWtheFourth (12:06:09 AM): Yah, I'm a killjoy that way
chasingtriangles (12:06:09 AM): was going to say John
molecularrr (12:06:25 AM) has entered the room.
chasingtriangles (12:06:25 AM): since we've got John Adams and John Valentine
chasingtriangles (12:06:34 AM): figured we might as well have a John White
JWtheFourth (12:06:35 AM): Nope, that's my father
molecularrr (12:06:53 AM): Ah, I made it.
chasingtriangles (12:07:00 AM): AHH, he made it!?
chasingtriangles (12:07:06 AM): or is that a she?
linguisticphoebe (12:07:06 AM): Hey molecularr!
chasingtriangles (12:07:13 AM): please tell me he's a she
chasingtriangles (12:07:19 AM): but not a heshe
molecularrr (12:07:25 AM): as in I figured out how to connect to the chat room... and I'm a definite he
linguisticphoebe (12:07:29 AM): He's a he, play nice. Very Happy
AtomForce1979 (12:07:50 AM): whats up M
molecularrr (12:08:13 AM): thought I would just try out the chat thing, but it looks like the party's already started
chasingtriangles (12:08:17 AM): well son I'm glad you know you're a he
chasingtriangles (12:08:29 AM): hell we're having a party?
chasingtriangles (12:08:33 AM): who's buying the beer?!
chasingtriangles (12:08:39 AM): I'm about out again
linguisticphoebe (12:08:42 AM): The REAL party's not till tomorrow
JWtheFourth (12:09:07 AM): Sorry, I'm nursing this last one before I hit the sack John.
chasingtriangles (12:09:22 AM): nursing a beer?
chasingtriangles (12:09:25 AM): that is a sin
chasingtriangles (12:09:29 AM): a cardinal sin
chasingtriangles (12:09:33 AM): repeat after me
AtomForce1979 (12:09:44 AM): its a crimsonsin hehe
chasingtriangles (12:10:12 AM): I, say your name, do solemnly swear to guzzle my beers to the best of my ability and when the last drop of the last beer hits my belly my face will hit the floor
JWtheFourth (12:11:29 AM): *laugh*
linguisticphoebe (12:11:39 AM): If it's the floor you're aiming for why waste your time with beer when you could go straight for the vodka or the southern comfort?
chasingtriangles (12:12:08 AM): because I like to wake up without being in a puddle of my own bodily fluids
linguisticphoebe (12:13:05 AM): Well, alright then. I guess I can understand that
chasingtriangles (12:13:16 AM): hoped you would
chasingtriangles (12:14:57 AM): hmm
chasingtriangles (12:15:10 AM): I'm starting to think I should call a cab
JWtheFourth (12:16:17 AM): What? Time for another round of bars?
chasingtriangles (12:16:25 AM): no
chasingtriangles (12:16:37 AM): think I might ought to go by the clinic and get a just in case shot
chasingtriangles (12:17:18 AM): oh well I'd pass out before I got there
linguisticphoebe (12:17:18 AM): A shot?!
chasingtriangles (12:17:44 AM): yeah they got shots now adays that keep you from having to um
molecularrr (12:17:44 AM): "just in case" what?
chasingtriangles (12:17:58 AM): there I can answer that better
chasingtriangles (12:18:06 AM): in case the blonde had anything
molecularrr (12:18:13 AM): Ah
AtomForce1979 (12:18:16 AM): in case the raincoat malfunctions
chasingtriangles (12:18:22 AM): exactly
chasingtriangles (12:18:31 AM): see John Adam knows exactly what I mean
chasingtriangles (12:18:50 AM): must have been military eh?
AtomForce1979 (12:19:03 AM): well they dont sell liquor shots at the doc's.... and yet, US Navy
AtomForce1979 (12:19:08 AM): yes*
chasingtriangles (12:19:49 AM): they still make you boys put the names on the back of your hat and your pants?
AtomForce1979 (12:20:20 AM): We had to put our names on EVERYTHING. Stamp stamp stamp.
chasingtriangles (12:20:21 AM): I never ever felt comfortable with that
chasingtriangles (12:20:35 AM): but that's history
chasingtriangles (12:20:50 AM): the Navy can shove their bloody career up their umm sorry
chasingtriangles (12:21:09 AM): and they can keep all the um kakaey memories
chasingtriangles (12:22:34 AM): well ladies
chasingtriangles (12:22:38 AM): sausages
chasingtriangles (12:22:48 AM): I'm off to the sack
chasingtriangles (12:23:00 AM): chugging this last one and I'm gone
chasingtriangles (12:23:34 AM): was good talking to you John Adam, nice meeting ya, don't care how bad I wanted to kick your ass earlier - ya can't be too bad
chasingtriangles (12:23:53 AM): and molecularrr didn't get much of a chance to get introduced to you
chasingtriangles (12:24:07 AM): so I'll reserve my opinions of ya for a later time and date
molecularrr (12:25:11 AM): same here :-)we'll talk some other time
linguisticphoebe (12:25:29 AM): Alright, so we're on for tomorrow at 4pm PST/7pm Eastern?
TheSly11111 (12:25:37 AM): night guys, sounds like a good idea
linguisticphoebe (12:25:38 AM): Those of us who can make it, anyway...
AtomForce1979 (12:26:12 AM): kewl
molecularrr (12:26:19 AM): I'll see you all then, hopefully
chasingtriangles (12:26:31 AM): dammit
chasingtriangles (12:26:33 AM): sorry
chasingtriangles (12:26:39 AM): just got called by Hank
chasingtriangles (12:26:46 AM): 7pm may be a little early for him
TheSly11111 (12:27:28 AM): so what's a good time for him
linguisticphoebe (12:27:35 AM): Hm, okay. How much later would be good for him?
chasingtriangles (12:27:50 AM): "kaka"
chasingtriangles (12:27:52 AM): forgot to ask
chasingtriangles (12:28:05 AM): ok yeah
chasingtriangles (12:28:12 AM): he asked about 7pm EST Sunday
linguisticphoebe (12:29:17 AM): That would work just as fine as 7 tomorrow for me.
chasingtriangles (12:29:43 AM): good he said Kendra called him
chasingtriangles (12:29:56 AM): and the two of them are supposed to go out for dinner tomorrow
linguisticphoebe (12:30:13 AM): Oh! Well, we don't want to get in the way of father-daughter bonding
chasingtriangles (12:30:34 AM): glad ya understand
chasingtriangles (12:30:44 AM): gives ya one more day of bonding with me too
chasingtriangles (12:30:46 AM): eh?
chasingtriangles (12:30:48 AM): eh?
linguisticphoebe (12:30:51 AM): Hehehe
chasingtriangles (12:30:54 AM): I know you like that huh
linguisticphoebe (12:31:09 AM): I know YOU like it
chasingtriangles (12:31:26 AM): well
chasingtriangles (12:31:37 AM): until I have to restrain myself
chasingtriangles (12:31:43 AM): but yeah even after that
chasingtriangles (12:32:01 AM): I mean hell I didn't pre-maturely knock John Adam's head off
chasingtriangles (12:32:05 AM): so I guess we're good
linguisticphoebe (12:32:55 AM): Yeah, just remember to be on your good behavior for the real chat on Sunday
chasingtriangles (12:33:12 AM): hell I'm always on good behavior
chasingtriangles (12:33:29 AM): it's just various personal perspectives that skew it
chasingtriangles (12:34:07 AM): like me not being big on man-loving men, sure I don't care that they do it, but just don't try to man-love me
chasingtriangles (12:34:25 AM): get that straight
chasingtriangles (12:34:34 AM): and hell I'd buy them a beer too
chasingtriangles (12:34:36 AM): why not
chasingtriangles (12:34:37 AM): eh?
chasingtriangles (12:34:56 AM): ok now I carry my gimp a.. hiney to sleep
JWtheFourth (12:35:05 AM): Sounds like a hell of plan
JWtheFourth (12:35:19 AM): I've got to head that way myself
linguisticphoebe (12:35:26 AM): Yeah, me too.
molecularrr (12:35:33 AM): yep
molecularrr (12:36:04 AM) has left the room.
linguisticphoebe (12:36:07 AM): Sylvia and I are just going to leave the chat room open with our screennames inside so people can come and go frrely, but we might not actually be at our computers.
AtomForce1979 (12:36:27 AM): Rob Zombie's hostin' cult films so I'll be up watching that all nite - enjoy your sleep guys
JWtheFourth (12:36:29 AM): Thanks you two.
JWtheFourth (12:36:35 AM): And good night everyone
JWtheFourth (12:36:36 AM) has left the room.
chasingtriangles (12:37:13 AM): awe John Adam you would like this link then I believe
chasingtriangles (12:37:16 AM):
AtomForce1979 (12:38:11 AM): yeah Sheri's freakin hot. Thx John
chasingtriangles (12:38:21 AM): no problem

PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2006 5:33 pm
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I Have No Life

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AIM Chat with John
Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hyexistenzz (2:56:20 PM): is chasingtraingles Hank?
Sylviaaaaaaaa (2:56:30 PM): John
Sylviaaaaaaaa (2:56:42 PM): Hank will be here tomorrow
Hyexistenzz (2:56:48 PM): i see
Hyexistenzz (2:57:00 PM): oh good, i wanted to talk to john!
Sylviaaaaaaaa (2:57:07 PM): but John shows up at different times
Sylviaaaaaaaa (2:57:25 PM): He's online right now
Hyexistenzz (2:57:26 PM): ok, well, i'll keep the window open!
Hyexistenzz (2:57:38 PM): but away?
Hyexistenzz (2:57:49 PM): or do i have the wrong nick saved?
Sylviaaaaaaaa (2:57:59 PM): not sure, try starting a convo with him
Sylviaaaaaaaa (2:58:10 PM): chasingtriangles
Sylviaaaaaaaa (2:58:26 PM): is that what you have
Hyexistenzz (2:58:32 PM): yes
chasingtriangles (2:59:40 PM): is what what I have?
Sylviaaaaaaaa (2:59:55 PM): hey John
Hyexistenzz (3:00:02 PM): i was just checking to see if i had your name correct
chasingtriangles (3:00:10 PM): Heya Sylviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sylviaaaaaaaa (3:00:29 PM): lol
chasingtriangles (3:00:47 PM): oh hey John Adam is here
Hyexistenzz (3:00:58 PM): So i finally get to talk to the infamous John
chasingtriangles (3:00:59 PM): the hell is hyexistenzz?
chasingtriangles (3:01:27 PM): puffin with the dragon?
Hyexistenzz (3:01:31 PM):'s me? I've been following along
Hyexistenzz (3:01:38 PM): I've sent Hank a few emails
chasingtriangles (3:01:50 PM): sure ok
chasingtriangles (3:01:51 PM): fine
Hyexistenzz (3:01:59 PM): but i've heard about you and am glad i get to talk to you finally
chasingtriangles (3:02:12 PM): well I'm glad you finally get to talk to me too
chasingtriangles (3:02:14 PM): oh shit
chasingtriangles (3:02:21 PM): I'm supposed to be toned down
chasingtriangles (3:02:33 PM): damnit sylvia why didn't you remind me?
chasingtriangles (3:02:37 PM): excuse me dangit
Sylviaaaaaaaa (3:02:54 PM): John what does "kaka'" mean
chasingtriangles (3:03:43 PM): shit
chasingtriangles (3:03:54 PM): toned down word for shit
Sylviaaaaaaaa (3:03:59 PM): lol
Hyexistenzz (3:04:12 PM): it's alright, we're all adults
chasingtriangles (3:04:51 PM): well some adults seem to have issues with it
chasingtriangles (3:05:06 PM): so I was asked to put on my professional face
Hyexistenzz (3:05:12 PM): oh, i see
Hyexistenzz (3:05:27 PM): well, for future reference, i have a hard time holding my tongue
chasingtriangles (3:05:42 PM): same here
Hyexistenzz (3:06:06 PM): so feel free when they're not around!
chasingtriangles (3:06:22 PM): fuck I like this guy
chasingtriangles (3:06:36 PM): where the hell is John Adam at?
Hyexistenzz (3:06:37 PM): which guy?
Sylviaaaaaaaa (3:06:42 PM): great, so just be yourself, but she is not a guy
chasingtriangles (3:06:58 PM): oh
chasingtriangles (3:07:02 PM): ooooh
Sylviaaaaaaaa (3:07:03 PM): she might be a redhead, I don't know
chasingtriangles (3:07:07 PM): well I'll be damned
chasingtriangles (3:07:12 PM): you a redhead doll?
Hyexistenzz (3:07:28 PM): ha, nope, brunette
chasingtriangles (3:07:45 PM): well much better than blonde
Hyexistenzz (3:07:50 PM): agreed
chasingtriangles (3:07:58 PM): had nightmares all night about a particular blonde
chasingtriangles (3:08:02 PM): but that's over for now
chasingtriangles (3:08:21 PM): so where do you call home?
Hyexistenzz (3:08:31 PM): I'm in South Africa at the moment
Sylviaaaaaaaa (3:08:34 PM): you two have a good time, I got some work to do
Hyexistenzz (3:08:40 PM): Smile
chasingtriangles (3:08:45 PM): hell we can't have too good of a time
chasingtriangles (3:08:50 PM): she's in South Africa
Hyexistenzz (3:08:51 PM): haha
chasingtriangles (3:08:53 PM): I'm in Bermuda
chasingtriangles (3:09:04 PM): the hell kind of a good time you think we could have?
Hyexistenzz (3:09:05 PM): that's exotic!
chasingtriangles (3:09:21 PM): you want to see exotic baby, I can show you the bed
Hyexistenzz (3:09:28 PM): hahaha
Hyexistenzz (3:09:49 PM): only a picture of course, since we're on opposite sides of the ocean
chasingtriangles (3:10:06 PM): yeah oh well
chasingtriangles (3:10:12 PM): so listen
Hyexistenzz (3:10:17 PM): yes?
chasingtriangles (3:10:23 PM): I've got a bit more yardwork I've got to get done
chasingtriangles (3:10:33 PM): between setting up Hank's newsletter, this chat shit
chasingtriangles (3:10:41 PM): I don't have time to get drunk enough anymore
Hyexistenzz (3:10:43 PM): aww, so you're leaving so soon?
chasingtriangles (3:10:47 PM): much less do the yardwork
chasingtriangles (3:10:59 PM): hell you want to come do the yardwork?
chasingtriangles (3:11:11 PM): if so I think I might could scrounge up a ring around here somewhere for ya
Hyexistenzz (3:11:12 PM): depends, how big is the yard?
Hyexistenzz (3:11:18 PM): hah
chasingtriangles (3:11:29 PM): bout a half an acre
Hyexistenzz (3:11:40 PM): eish! sorry, i guess no ring for me
chasingtriangles (3:11:47 PM): well hell
Hyexistenzz (3:12:15 PM): i'm not opposed to getting my hands dirty, but it's nighttime for me, time for work to be over!
chasingtriangles (3:13:11 PM): wait
chasingtriangles (3:13:19 PM): the hell can't you get your hands dirty?
chasingtriangles (3:13:30 PM): you a doctor or somethin?
Hyexistenzz (3:13:37 PM): i said I'm not opposed to it
chasingtriangles (3:13:51 PM): oh
Hyexistenzz (3:13:59 PM): but it's nighttime, and if i'm getting my hands dirty, it better not be from yard work
chasingtriangles (3:14:00 PM): the hell is wrong with my eyes this morning
chasingtriangles (3:14:11 PM): damnit I knew I should have gotten that shot last night
chasingtriangles (3:14:15 PM): damnit damnit all to hell
Hyexistenzz (3:14:26 PM): you took a shot last night?
Hyexistenzz (3:14:31 PM): what sort of shot?
chasingtriangles (3:14:31 PM): I should have
chasingtriangles (3:14:42 PM): one of those just in case shots
Hyexistenzz (3:14:54 PM): like a flu shot?
chasingtriangles (3:15:05 PM): yeah 'cept for a different part of the body
Hyexistenzz (3:15:14 PM): hahahah
Hyexistenzz (3:15:21 PM): should i ask which part?
chasingtriangles (3:15:28 PM): if you can't figure it out
chasingtriangles (3:15:29 PM): well
Hyexistenzz (3:15:57 PM): i'm just checking, sometimes i jump to inappropriate conclusions
chasingtriangles (3:16:32 PM): well those inappropriate conclusions of yours
chasingtriangles (3:16:47 PM): are probably appropriate when you're talking to/about me
Hyexistenzz (3:17:06 PM): that's what i've heard
chasingtriangles (3:17:06 PM): got to go get some of these annuals laid out in the yard
Hyexistenzz (3:17:14 PM): alright alright
chasingtriangles (3:17:15 PM): better when impressin the lady folk
chasingtriangles (3:17:32 PM): they see my soft caring side which I don't really care about
Hyexistenzz (3:17:32 PM): have fun
chasingtriangles (3:17:35 PM): but they think it is there
Hyexistenzz (3:17:44 PM): i see, so you like to trick them?
chasingtriangles (3:18:03 PM): it ain't so much tricking them
chasingtriangles (3:18:04 PM): as it is
chasingtriangles (3:18:06 PM): well umm
chasingtriangles (3:18:11 PM): yeah I guess it is tricking them
Hyexistenzz (3:18:15 PM): haha
chasingtriangles (3:18:19 PM): but they're normally drunk anyway
Hyexistenzz (3:18:30 PM): i suppose it's just equalizing the playing field
Hyexistenzz (3:18:32 PM): we use tricks too
chasingtriangles (3:18:50 PM): hell I know all about that
chasingtriangles (3:18:54 PM): five wives now
chasingtriangles (3:19:01 PM): but then again still ain't learned my lesson
Hyexistenzz (3:19:07 PM): eish! so you collect them?
chasingtriangles (3:19:19 PM): or you could say they collect me
chasingtriangles (3:19:36 PM): I'll show you my bank account sometime and you'd see what I mean
Hyexistenzz (3:19:36 PM): yes, well, you have of five of them, they only had one of you
Hyexistenzz (3:19:43 PM): i see i see
chasingtriangles (3:19:52 PM): later doll
Hyexistenzz (3:20:03 PM): bye!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2006 5:46 pm
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I Have No Life

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I must be tired

I must be tired. I posted the same thing twice.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 10:43 pm
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I Have No Life

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Brief Chat with John

oh how unwanted I feel
sitting here drinking all night and nobody messages me

what's up john

awe well time to pass out
side note
I think I heard Hank mention Bryan coming down
I'm looking forward to meeting the braniac

well hopefully he can help with that audio

well nite nite doll and don't let them damned bed bugs bite that toosh

you too, nite

John Valentine: Sleepin
Sent at 10:22 PM on Monday

Should we be looking for Bryan's blog or something.

And chatting more with John.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 10:46 pm
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I Have No Life

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chat with John
fishing for info

me: hey John, what are you doing tonight

John: just got done taking a piss
how about you?

me: fine, didn't want you to feel lonely tonight. so thought i would chat with you awhile

John: hell you're getting me feeling all nice and mushy inside
that or the rum

me: lol good, so how have things been today

John: well hell I pulled something in my back I think
so I started on that fifth of Cap'n Morgan since you guys made me think of it
and been sitting on my ass all day

me: what's Hank and Kendra been up to

John: hell I ain't talked to them all day
Imagine Hank is pouring over that translation and comparing it to the other recordings

me: maybe Bryan can help him

might be
that guy is hard as hell to get in touch with though
Hank said he's one of those that e-mails then goes out of town
apparently a big antique collector or something
drives around to yard sales, flea markets, shit like that

me: that's odd, would have thought he was some sort of professor or something since he is suppose to be so damn smart at translating that language
by the way what's his last name

John: hell if I know
I ain't never met the guy
and again hell if I know
you'd have to ask Hank that

me: will do

He mentioned it
but I can't remember what it was
started with an A or an H or some shit

me: well, I got to run John so enjoy you Cap'n Morgan and have one for me.

John: hell I'll make it two

me: nite and don't let the bed bugs bite
or three

John: yeah yeah you too peachybottom

PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 7:24 pm
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Just had my own convo with John. We talked about dogs. Only thing relevent was that he also denied knowing anything about Bryan, but said he also received an interesting email this morning:

we wrote:

me: makes sense

chasingtriangles: I guess
hell if I know what makes much sense anymore

me: yeah, speaking of that, you know about this weird website, right?

chasingtriangles: drunking myself get
chasingtriangles: got a weird fricken email this morning from some psychic wanna be I guess
said some shit like
blood blood everywhere
yada yada yada
and something about a him and a her

me: yeah, I got something like that too

chasingtriangles: hate spam

me: and that he was "worried about him"

chasingtriangles: I guess

me: you never know, though

chasingtriangles: got another about some old woman who wants to send me 2.5 million in her will
and that I had to e-mail her lawyer

So not much new there.

EDIT: Oh, and he made a big deal about throwing out his back and needing to go to a hot tub.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 7:33 pm
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we wrote:
me: feel better?
chasingtriangles: hell no
now I'm sobering up
passed my ass out in the tub
me: that sucks -- glad you didn't drown or somethin
chasingtriangles: hell I sleep in the tub all the damned time
me: so what happened to your back, anyway?
chasingtriangles: worst has happened I droped a book in there
me: you read in the tub?
chasingtriangles: working in the damned yard, threw it out tossing some wood into a fire
I got one of those fancy ass jacuzzi tubs
me: sweet
chasingtriangles: so occassionally I'll just sit in there and read
me: sure, might as well
so have you talked to hank tonight?
chasingtriangles: hell last time I talked to you I was headed off to take a bath
I just woke myself up
me: ah, I see
chasingtriangles: and it's too late to call
so whatcha think?
me: I'm just kind of worried about him
I mean that weird email,
the guy was like "I'm worried about hank"
chasingtriangles: what guy?
me: and then all the "blood blood everywhere" stuff
that weird spam you were talking about earlier
chasingtriangles: the hell you talking about, I didn't see shit about hank in that spam I got
me: I got something similar, and from the context, I'm pretty sure the guy was talking about hank
I mean, he's referred to him before by name
chasingtriangles: dunno why the hell you would think that
who the hell you talking about he referred to him
me: this guy in the email. He's emailed me a few times. Mentioned Hank a while back.
now all the "blood blood"
It's probably nothing
chasingtriangles: ok HAHA you got me
where's the camera?
hopefully they enjoy a nice shot of my ass
here here how's that
me: no cameras, sorry
chasingtriangles: was good talking to you but if you're going to be making wild threats against my best friend, I'll have to put you on ignore
take care and go frack yourself
me: hey man, no threats here. I'm expressing my concern based on what some weirdo told me.
I certainly wish no harm on Hank, but if you think this guy in the email was making a threat, we might be right to be worried
Sent at 11:50 PM on Tuesday
me: so are you ignoring me now?
Sent at 12:04 AM on Wednesday

PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 12:07 am
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I Have No Life

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John don't take kindly to anyone threatening Hank


Hey doll I know you and this Molecularr guy are friends
but I don't know what the hell kind of company you are keeping
if your friends are going to continually make threats against Hank I will have to cease all communications with you

we aren't that close

hate to sound like an ass, but Hank saved my ass
and I don't take kindly to people making threats

what happened

talking some bs about how he's worried about hank because of some spam mail


and for him to specifically say this spam mail talking about blood blood whatever the hell is directed at hank
I consider that a threat
and I don't take kindly to that

sounds like a threat

if it continues I'll have to do an ip trace and notify local law enforcement


thought that might crack one of those beautiful smiles
hey doll thanks for cheering me up

your more than welcome John

hell Phoebe's online too

but hey, what about that spam mail
didn't you get one also

hell I don't remember much other than it said some shit about blood blood this and that

i see

blood blood everywhere I think
sounded like crazy talk so I deleted it

yep, that's crazy talk alright

and it definitely didn't say shit about Hank
or else I wouldn't have been so non-chalant about it
how the hell you spell chalant anyway?

wonder what made mkolecularr think it was about hank anyway
molecularr that is

hell if I know
if you straighten it out let me know
I'm just too pissed to think straight at the moment

well do my best, going to talk to mole right now

take care

you too

and if he makes anymore threats
let me know

will do

nite nite doll
and don't let them bed bugs bite that lovely toosh

nite John, have a good one

John Valentine: Sleepin
Sent at 12:03 AM on Wednesday

PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 12:17 am
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Joined: 22 Sep 2005
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Just for the record, the reason I think that yshk in this case might be referring to Hank is the specific grammatical context of our email conversation. In summary, it was something like:

me: I transcribed this recording from Hank, what do you think?

yshkLanti: I'm worried about him. blood blood everywhere.

me: wtf?

So yshk could easily have been just going on a non sequitur there, but I just went on a hunch and asked John about it. Now John thinks I'm making a threat cause I made an inference. Oh well. He'll probably get over it.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 12:39 am
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Joined: 22 Aug 2006
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molecularr wrote:
Just for the record, the reason I think that yshk in this case might be referring to Hank is the specific grammatical context of our email conversation. In summary, it was something like:

me: I transcribed this recording from Hank, what do you think?

yshkLanti: I'm worried about him. blood blood everywhere.

me: wtf?

So yshk could easily have been just going on a non sequitur there, but I just went on a hunch and asked John about it. Now John thinks I'm making a threat cause I made an inference. Oh well. He'll probably get over it.

I actually think he may have gone off at a tangent there not least because John is being so vehement about the fact that it's not Hank. That said, I can see why you thought it was Hank, and I'm surprised that they'd be so vague. It's just that the way it was said reminds me of the text in the source code of the curiosity page: "you see what I have seen find him and convince him". Also, we've already sort of concluded that John is the one who needs to be convinced which would explain why John('s character) would be so determined to point out it wasn't Hank.

chasingtriangles wrote:
working in the damned yard, threw it out tossing some wood into a fire

This is at least the second time he's mentioned yard work. I trying to decide if he's trying to inject some of his reality to make the story/lies easier for him to keep up with or if it's actually something we should look into.
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Also, let's not forget we were originally directed to Hank by Yshk when we asked him who we had to "help find her." That's the main reason I'm inferring that "I'm worried about him" from Yshk is referring to Hank.

Anyway, it hardly matters at this point since we have such a vague idea of what they need convincing of, even if we did know which one we might need to convince.

I sent a heartfelt email to Hank to try and smooth things over.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 8:16 am
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Joined: 22 Sep 2005
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A bit more info about Bryan:


chasingtriangles is online.
me: hey, listen -- I'm sorry about whatever I said before that made you think I was threatening you or Hank. That wasn't my intention at all.

Sent at 1:53 AM on Thursday
chasingtriangles: yeah yeah
spit it out then
what the hell was your intention?
got you making threats and then Phoebe being suspicious of Bryan
what the hell is wrong with you people ?

me: just trying to make conversation -- trying to understand this guy with this weird website
don't know what's up with Phoebe re:Bryan
what did she say?

chasingtriangles: some shit about being suspicious about him
and not wanting to worry me
then she jumps to sleep

me: well, it is pretty late
I guess, if she said not to worry about it, it may not be a big deal
so you and Hank planning another outing soon?

chasingtriangles: yeah
going to head out a few days
Hank hasn't given me Bryan's e-mail
but I told sylvia I'd like to find him and get in touch with him

me: yeah, me too

chasingtriangles: dunno bout hank
but I'd like to get Bryan to come down and go over some more of these recordings with me
that first translation was a bit puzzling
I have no damned idea what the hell it means

me: yeah, it almost sounded like a public service announcement
but for Atlantis
which is weird

chasingtriangles: like I said - no fricken clue what the hell it means
that's why I'd like to get Bryan to come meet up with me

me: that would certainly save a lot of time
any idea where he's from?
geographically speaking, that is?

chasingtriangles: yeah it would it's difficult to get these recordings duplicated in a timely manner
Mississippi I think
so redneck place or something I dunno

me: yeah, I think that's pretty much all of Mississippi

chasingtriangles: and Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama
the heck is with this woman

me: which one?

chasingtriangles: can't believe I was actually flirting with her
I think she's lost her fricken mind

me: who, Sylvia?

chasingtriangles: yeah her
keeps calling me king and royal highness

me: what's up with that?

chasingtriangles: hell normally I got to get a woman in the sack for that
guess perhaps my charms worked too well

me: and over an instant messager at that
by the way, you guys got another newsletter in the works?

chasingtriangles: yeah probably start working on it after we get back from this trip

me: ok, cool

chasingtriangles: hopefully we can get Bryan's input on it
shit man it's 2 in the morning!

me: yeah, I'm fallin asleep here

chasingtriangles: holy hell I got to get to bed

me: me too

chasingtriangles: nite nite and since you're a swinging sausage, I don't care bout the bed bugs biting your ass.

me: gee thanks

chasingtriangles: Sleepin

So John and possibly Hank are also looking for Bryan now, and Bryan may be from Mississippi.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 2:18 am
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I Have No Life

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I laughed for an hour, heck I'm still laughing. John said
I think she's lost her fricken mind
Hey, I haven't found it yet. So how can I lose it.

Oh well, here's our little flirt session.

this is quite strange

John Valentine: Sleepin

I wasn't able to use google talk earlier, but it works when I log into my mail

yea, your talking in your sleep

Hank and I are going to be unavailable a few days


hell status still says sleep eh?


there we go
hadn't used this part of google talk's capabilities yet

so you say you and hank are going to be gone for a few days


anything we can do for you guys while your gone

We're going to hit the high seas for a few days and see if we can get some recordings


well I dunno if Hank got in touch with him or not, but if you can find Bryan and have him e-mail me
I want to try to get him down here and pick his brains some on these recordings

that would be nice,

wish Hank would give me the guy's e-mail address

me too
but I'm going to take a guess it might be
or an H, i will try

hmm ok
oh well if you're trying I won't
why do you think he's got a gmail?

just guessing, he travels might make things easier

true I suppose eh

is there anyway that we can contact you while you guys are on the seas

got a good HAM ?

but i don't
but you can tell me all about it when you get back

we'll only be gone a few days, you ain't gonna miss me that much are ya?

heck yes, I'm going to miss you
your the king
in my eyes anyway

I'm the king eh
hell they don't call me that 'cept in bed
and I ain't got you in bed YET
so when you spectin to do this?

to do what

get in bed and call me king

not soon, your charm is all i need

well shucks
I like charm and all
but you are doing an excellent job of getting me anxious to come visit

well, who knows maybe someday we will meet up

Sent at 1:46 AM on Thursday
what else can you tell me about Bryan, that might help me find him

hell I think I told ya everything I can think of


don't know if it is gmail or not
wish I knew his last name

I wish you did too

I swear it started with an A but hell could have been an h

Sent at 1:51 AM on Thursday

hell phoebe just said she was suspicious of Bryan
what the hell is up with that?


he's just a linguist trying to help us figure some stuff out
dunno she went to bed so I didn't ask
figured as close as all of you seem to be you might know

well I don't kown what she thinks is suspicious about him
we haven't even met him


but if he can help with that language
I want to find him

yeah that'd be nice

so he's a linguist, a traveling antique collector
what else

hell if I know
done told ya what I know

ok, was hoping you migh remember something else, your royalness

damn girl we haven't even got to first base yet

here's a kiss " yshk srk"

ok ok I remember the first one
yshk is for right?
what the heck is the second one?


is that you?
and here's a kiss "yshk srk" you too
ain't as good as in person though this whole cyber stuff ain't very intriguing

well good night your royal highness, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite

you too

Sent at 2:08 AM on Thursday

So all indicators say we have to find Bryan or at least his email. And though John doesn't think he has a gmail account I sent one to So far it hasn't bounced. So I hope that's him cause if not I'm going to look like a real jack. However I think I'll also try just to see what happens.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 3:49 am
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I was messaging John while waiting for emails from yshk Lanti, and he sent the one about Bryan being covered in blood and then nothing for a while. I got all paranoid about Bryan being some crazy serial killer of Atlanteans. Very Happy


10:40 PM me: Evening John, how are you?
10:44 PM John: I'm fine
how about yourself?
me: Not too bad, got roped into babysitting for friends of the family but the kids were well-behaved for once.
10:45 PM John: that is good I spose
Never got stuck with "babysitting" duties
it was always "hanging out" with me
10:46 PM me: Probably a good thing, you'd get them started on the beers at a young age I bet. Smile
John: nawe
I gave Kendra one when she was 17
gave her some stout import shit
10:47 PM she didn't care much for it
me: I sympathize. Not much of a beer drinker myself...
10:48 PM John: I'm a social beer drinker
I've got to have three people around me or I can't take a beer
normally it's my good friends
me, myself, and I
10:49 PM me: Good buddies, those guys.
John: yeah they are
'cept the time I puked all over myself
that wasn't fun
me: Bet he didn't appreciate that much.
John: I got mad at myself
10:53 PM me: Alright, I've got an early morning so I need to get to sleep, but I just wanted to see how you were doing. And...well...not like I need to tell you and Hank to be MORE paranoid, but I'm kind of suspicious of this Bryan fellow who contacted Hank.
10:56 PM Anyway, goodnight!
John: nite nite doll

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 9:46 am
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Run, molecularr, run! Shocked


6:59 PM John: Hey doll
7:00 PM me: How was the trip? I read Hank's blog post about it.
John: the trip itself was rather uneventful
7:01 PM me: Ah, that's kind of a shame.
John: yeah I know
was really tiring
you said you read Hank's blog?
7:02 PM me: Yeah.
Scary, his place getting broken into like that.
7:03 PM John: yeah we haven't quite figured that one out
7:05 PM I apologize for being preoccupied
7:06 PM I was calling Hank, apparently the police had gotten a partial print but couldn't find a match
7:07 PM they better hope I don't get my mitts on whoever did this
me: Yeah, I bet.
John: probably that guy that was on here threatening Hank last week
son of a bitch
son of a kooter
you remember who the hell that was?
7:09 PM me: mean the guy who was talking about blood and all that?
John: yeah
that'd be him
7:10 PM me: I doubt he was the one who did it. I really think he just said the wrong thing trying to be helpful.
John: any idea where he lives?
7:11 PM Molecularr
that was the guy
I wonder if I have him in my database here
7:12 PM me: I don't know where he lives. I can try and find out real quick...I'm going to guess it's not real near Florida or Bermuda though.
7:14 PM John: Hmm I do see a Zwhalen fellow in here that's from Gainesville
and another bballrich guy from coral springs
7:15 PM I may have to look them up
me: I don't know either of them, so I can't speak for 'em. Could well be one of those two...
7:16 PM John: all I know is that Molecullar fellow makes threats on hank
then a couple days later someone is breaking into Hank's place
7:17 PM me: Hey, I just asked Sylvia, she says Molecularr lives in Gainesville.
7:18 PM But I still think he's innocent.
John: oh He's zach from Gainesville

And now John's status is "preparing to knock heads" on Gtalk. Yikes!
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 11:23 pm
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