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[SPEC] The Lineage Connection
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[SPEC] The Lineage Connection

In today's - Oct 29 - update we got Kerry's family tree and on Don's page a preliminary lineage for the Sullivan's was added.

From Don's diary page we learn that Kerry's mother is the last from the Sullivan line and that this line was involved with the story of the Gun for almost one century and a half [rounded up for effect]. His stepfather was a Tucker, so we get that out of the way. The mother is the important person in this line.

I make two basic assumptions, both of which are serving each other well:
1. There should be a direct connection between Kerry's family tree and the lineage that Lothar has given to Don. If there is another middle-man/woman we either have to wait for that to play out or it just sucks. And we don't want that.
2. Lothar's lineage is preliminary and thus incomplete. In fact, the Kerry link is completely missing. Don found that himself and Lothar doesn't know.

My theory is this:
The link of both trees is Benjamin O'Grady and Kellie Sullivan respectively.

Here's how it could work:

on Lothar's lineage
First of all, we see that a Ben was married/engaged in some way with Kellie Sullivan. And he's probably the most interesting person on this chart, because he was killed. Yeah, that's an eye-catcher.

Kelly's family tree
Another assumption:
Clara Neff - Kelly's grandmother - is not a Sullivan. The names don't show up in the Sullivan lineage and in Kelly's grandfather's tree the interesting name "Mary White" pops up. My theory will not make this White a Sullivan in any way, but at least she is a relative in a more direct way.

So, Kerry's grandfather is David O'Grady. He's a Sullivan.
David's parents are Jeremiah O'Grady and Mary White.
Jeremiah is a Sullivan. Mary might be a relative of Colton White, the main character from GUN.
Jeremiah's father is Benjamin O'Grady. His mother's name is not on the family tree.

back to the Sullivan lineage
Back to the killed Ben. Could he be Benjamin O'Grady? The Ben in question was possibly killed in 1890 according to the lineage. Kerry's grandfather of third grade was born in 1840. The generation-aspect fits.
Benjamin was married/engaged to Kellie Sullivan. She's a first-grade-descendant (in other words: a daughter) of the mysterious PS who is most certainly a Sullivan or this wouldn't make any sense to begin with. Sure, he would be 30 years older than Kellie and she would have given birth to Jeremiah at the age of 18...but perhaps that's why he was killed? Laughing

While I was writing that, it seems I might be backed-up...

Sorry, I'm stupid. I got it now. Kellie O'Grady is a born Sullivan and her father is PS. He's the one who had the Gun. Duh.
And yes, Benjamin O'Grady is the link between the two trees.
Not spec any more, I'd guess.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2005 11:31 pm
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Also John Caldwell is an ancestor of the Brown family

The picture in Mary Brown's profile and the avatar for John Caldwell is one in the same.

A lot of lineage, and the gun seems to stay within a few familys throughout time.

Maybe a trout but I don't care.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 1:11 pm
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