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AIM Chat in Ny Takma with John and Kendra
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I Have No Life

Joined: 21 Apr 2006
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 AIM Chat in Ny Takma with John and Kendra
Event: Wed Nov 22, 2006 9:00 pm

I know it's Thanksgiving eve and this is short notice but John and Kendra need to talk some things over with us. Let's get our research done and be ready.

Here's the chat I had with John

Important things we may need to research asap:

  • a device used to shift tectonic plates to make atlantis sink
  • axum
  • how to open the Ark (if there is a way)

here are a few links that may help
Google Search Links
device that shifts tectonic plates sank Atlantis
axum ark of the covenant

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 7:41 pm
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Joined: 10 Oct 2006
Posts: 42

I'm not sure if I can join the chat, but I did just get an email from YshkLanti.

I wish to be reunited with my love tonight is that night she only needs to touch the angels to release the stasis

There's your answer to how to open it. Hehe

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 8:23 pm
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Joined: 10 Oct 2006
Posts: 42

The chat

The chat started at 8pm and ended at 9:45pm, by Kendra's last line. Here's the chat.

Spoiler (Rollover to View):
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:41:25 PM) has entered the room.
fragment44 (4:41:25 PM) has entered the room.
itsDaikah (4:41:25 PM) has entered the room.
itsDaikah (4:41:36 PM): Hey everyone
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:41:46 PM): hi
itsDaikah (4:43:09 PM): Did you see my post on the forums? About opening the Ark?
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:43:15 PM): yes
itsDaikah (4:43:33 PM): Okay good. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to be on, so I wanted to pass the news on.
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:43:42 PM): thanks
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:46:30 PM): John is on his way
chasingtriangles (4:47:21 PM) has entered the room.
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:47:41 PM): hey John
chasingtriangles (4:47:46 PM): hey doll
itsDaikah (4:47:48 PM): Welcome
chasingtriangles (4:47:57 PM): like I told Sylvia he's not here yet
chasingtriangles (4:48:10 PM): Kendra's taking the "grand tour"
chasingtriangles (4:48:22 PM): she hasn't decided if she wants to open it or not
chasingtriangles (4:48:32 PM): hell don't know if she even knows how to open it
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:48:57 PM): Daikah got a message from Chaya, I'll let him tell you about it
chasingtriangles (4:49:11 PM): really ? the "angel?"
itsDaikah (4:49:16 PM): Well, the person we believe to be Chaya contacted me and informed me how to open the Ark. It's actually quite easy.
itsDaikah (4:49:26 PM): You just touch the wings.
chasingtriangles (4:49:37 PM): haha
chasingtriangles (4:49:41 PM): that's messed up
chasingtriangles (4:49:45 PM): so wait
chasingtriangles (4:49:48 PM): anyone?
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:49:58 PM): no we believe Kendra
chasingtriangles (4:49:59 PM): I could have left Kendra somewhere safe?
itsDaikah (4:49:59 PM): I believe only Kendra can do it.
chasingtriangles (4:50:03 PM): ok
chasingtriangles (4:50:04 PM): shit
chasingtriangles (4:50:22 PM): we believe it is going down tonight
itsDaikah (4:50:36 PM): Otherwise, you'll just be feeling some wings ... and people will think odd thoughts about you =)
chasingtriangles (4:50:48 PM): hell
chasingtriangles (4:50:53 PM): I like ya man
chasingtriangles (4:51:02 PM): my thoughts exactly
chasingtriangles (4:51:28 PM): you can feel the damned tension in the air around here
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:51:51 PM): yes Chaya said "I wish to be reunited with my love, tonight is that night"
chasingtriangles (4:51:53 PM): I appreciate you lightening it up for me some
chasingtriangles (4:52:19 PM): ok so what are your thoughts on how to handle this?
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:52:34 PM): good question
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:53:40 PM): Chaya said "she only needs to touch the angels to release the stasis"
chasingtriangles (4:53:51 PM): stasis
chasingtriangles (4:53:54 PM): stasis...
chasingtriangles (4:53:58 PM): that sounds familiar
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:54:11 PM): the state of equilibrium
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:54:17 PM): balance
chasingtriangles (4:54:20 PM): ok
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:54:29 PM): so, what are we releasing
chasingtriangles (4:54:31 PM): so this ark thing it's keeping her in some sort of stasis?
Sylviaaaaaaaa (4:54:41 PM): i suppose
chasingtriangles (4:54:42 PM): well according to this old man she's an angel
chasingtriangles (4:54:53 PM): but I'll tell you if she's anything like Bryan and the two are lovers
chasingtriangles (4:55:00 PM): I'd rather kill her too
chasingtriangles (4:55:07 PM): hell if we can
itsDaikah (4:55:19 PM): Well... if Bryan might be dropping by to claim his woman, it might be best to make sure she's on our side. She should understand that everything we have done has been for her sake.
itsDaikah (4:55:33 PM): Well, if she's hellbent like Bryan to kill us, go for it.
chasingtriangles (4:55:52 PM): you know
chasingtriangles (4:55:54 PM): looking at this thing
chasingtriangles (4:56:04 PM): I thought it was smaller than this but it's huge as heck
itsDaikah (4:56:26 PM): Big enough to fit a body? Maybe one that's curled up?
chasingtriangles (4:56:31 PM): the box itself is about four feet tall
itsDaikah (4:56:46 PM): That's quite larger than I imagined.
chasingtriangles (4:56:48 PM): eight feet wide and about four feet deep
chasingtriangles (4:56:50 PM): yeah I know
chasingtriangles (4:57:01 PM): here I am thinking it's something two men could easily carry
chasingtriangles (4:57:08 PM): it's looking like it'd take at least four
chasingtriangles (4:57:24 PM): but hell if it's got a body in it
chasingtriangles (4:57:50 PM): brb one second some commotion outside
chasingtriangles (4:58:57 PM): ok just some people showing up early for whatever this pilgramage is supposed to be
chasingtriangles (4:59:24 PM): Sylvia
chasingtriangles (4:59:44 PM): don't know how to say this without being a fricken cop out
chasingtriangles (4:59:47 PM): but
chasingtriangles (5:00:06 PM): just remember if anything happens to us tonight, you're in my thoughts
molecularrr (5:00:13 PM) has entered the room.
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:00:39 PM): you're in mine two John, but I got faith, you will be the victor
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:00:45 PM): too
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:00:48 PM): not two
chasingtriangles (5:00:58 PM): it's be the first time I've succeeded at anythign
chasingtriangles (5:00:58 PM): anything
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:01:17 PM): I think you have succeeded at more than you know
chasingtriangles (5:01:23 PM): hello molecularr you're that guy that I thought was threatening Hank right?
molecularrr (5:01:32 PM): yep
chasingtriangles (5:01:38 PM): well then let me clear the air
chasingtriangles (5:01:43 PM): and apologize
chasingtriangles (5:01:48 PM): but you were quite suspicious
molecularrr (5:02:10 PM): it's ok. you have bigger things to worry about now, I suppose, than that
chasingtriangles (5:02:24 PM): it's just a waiting game at the moment
chasingtriangles (5:02:37 PM): Kendra wants to wait until he shows up
chasingtriangles (5:03:14 PM): so we've got a method for opening up the ark
chasingtriangles (5:03:29 PM): and we know it has something to do with chaya being in stasis
molecularrr (5:03:56 PM): so are you at the church right now?
chasingtriangles (5:04:06 PM): God I feel like there is such a hollowness inside my heart, my stomach is turning knots
chasingtriangles (5:04:09 PM): yes
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:04:41 PM): I'm not sure we really want to release what ever is there
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:05:10 PM): the opposing forces are what is holding everything in balance
chasingtriangles (5:05:13 PM): so you think Kendra and I should get the hell out of dodge?
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:05:46 PM): I don't know, but what happens when the balance is messed with
chasingtriangles (5:05:59 PM): no chance that if we release her he forgets all the shit from way back when?
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:06:28 PM): who knows, we here for the show down, so let's get it on
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:06:51 PM): see you guys on the other side if all hell breaks loose
chasingtriangles (5:07:08 PM): brb
itsDaikah (5:07:44 PM): I don't know... if he holds a grudge against people who had nothing to do with his history, he's just as bad as the ones who imprisoned her. I doubt his wife would be happy with who he had become if that's the case.
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:08:23 PM): good thinking
itsDaikah (5:08:38 PM): Bryan needs to wake up and smell the fresh roses, not the long dead ones that he keeps by his side.
molecularrr (5:09:18 PM): What if he's willing to kill again, though?
molecularrr (5:10:02 PM): I mean, in order to free Chaya, whatever the costs to humanity.
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:10:22 PM): he will kill again to release her
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:10:31 PM): that's why John has a gun
molecularrr (5:10:43 PM): oh, that's good. I didn
molecularrr (5:10:46 PM): 't know about that
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:10:49 PM): so let's hope a gun will do the trick
itsDaikah (5:11:02 PM): Well, I would hope his wife would beat some sense into him before he had the chance. He did say that he will release her, even if he has to by force.
molecularrr (5:11:09 PM): exactly. Bryan may or may not be immortal, right?
itsDaikah (5:11:33 PM): If Kendra wants to go through with it, without putting up a fight, he might lower his guard and forget about using force.
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:11:36 PM): else, Kendra has power that will be released tonight
itsDaikah (5:12:31 PM): Of course, if Bryan has been around for, um ... a long time ... much longer than a normal human lifespan, we can't guarantee that he could be killed by whatever means we have.
itsDaikah (5:13:26 PM): Attempting to kill him coule anger him more. Then again, he could be a normal human who has been taken over by the spirit of Chaya's husband, and Bryan's body is being used with his consent.
itsDaikah (5:13:32 PM): could*
molecularrr (5:13:47 PM): Yeah, if he
itsDaikah (5:13:48 PM): without*
molecularrr (5:13:52 PM): dang it
molecularrr (5:14:09 PM): if he's some kind of alien, "Bryan" is sort of an unusual name
chasingtriangles (5:20:31 PM): back
chasingtriangles (5:20:41 PM): yeah I agree that's a fucked up name for an alien
chasingtriangles (5:20:59 PM): Kendra's suprisingly holding her composure well
chasingtriangles (5:21:07 PM): I told her I had a chat set up with you all
chasingtriangles (5:21:09 PM): she says hi
chasingtriangles (5:21:12 PM): and to not worry
chasingtriangles (5:23:03 PM): um
chasingtriangles (5:23:16 PM): we just got word that there was a small plane over head a minute ago
chasingtriangles (5:23:41 PM): if I disappear, you'll know he's here
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:23:49 PM): ok
itsDaikah (5:23:51 PM): Okay
chasingtriangles (5:23:58 PM): and hopefully I'll be able to let you all know what happens
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:23:59 PM): just take care of Kendra
chasingtriangles (5:24:06 PM): will do
chasingtriangles (5:24:19 PM): and it's still a damned shame you're not a redhead
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:24:26 PM): lol
chasingtriangles (5:28:06 PM): Daikah, thanks for lightening things up
chasingtriangles (5:28:13 PM): Molecularr sorry bout all that crap
chasingtriangles (5:28:21 PM): fragment I don't know who the hell you are
chasingtriangles (5:28:34 PM): and sylvia, love ya doll
itsDaikah (5:28:46 PM): Anytime, friend.
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:28:47 PM): love you too John
chasingtriangles (5:28:52 PM): just forget about that blonde
chasingtriangles (5:28:54 PM):
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:29:14 PM): done
JWtheFourth (5:41:18 PM) has entered the room.
JWtheFourth (5:41:28 PM): okay, bring up forrums and crap now
chasingtriangles (5:41:43 PM): hey there JW
JWtheFourth (5:41:59 PM): John!
chasingtriangles (5:42:07 PM): Josh!
chasingtriangles (5:42:30 PM): yep that's him coming down the street
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:42:43 PM): oh shit
chasingtriangles (5:42:54 PM): wish us luck
itsDaikah (5:43:02 PM): Good luck guys
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:43:06 PM): good luck
JWtheFourth (5:43:09 PM): Christ, good luck
chasingtriangles (5:43:17 PM): I'm goign to let this guy type here for a few
chasingtriangles (5:43:23 PM): that old fart I was telling you about
chasingtriangles (5:43:33 PM): while I take care of business
chasingtriangles (5:43:35 PM): love you all
itsDaikah (5:43:43 PM): See ya soon, John
chasingtriangles (5:44:21 PM): helo I be ahmyl mahmyd
chasingtriangles (5:44:44 PM): you all the people help girl
itsDaikah (5:44:50 PM): Hello Ahmyl
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:44:52 PM): hi, I am Sylvia
itsDaikah (5:45:01 PM): I'm Michael
chasingtriangles (5:45:21 PM): helo michael
chasingtriangles (5:45:25 PM): helo sylvia
JWtheFourth (5:45:45 PM): I'm Josh
chasingtriangles (5:45:54 PM): helo josh
fragment44 (5:45:56 PM): I'm Jan, hello
chasingtriangles (5:45:59 PM): i be ahmyl
chasingtriangles (5:46:03 PM): helo jan
JWtheFourth (5:46:04 PM): Ahmyl, I have a question for you, I'm sure John may have already asked you this though.
JWtheFourth (5:46:12 PM): But do you know why the Angel was put into the Ark?
chasingtriangles (5:46:17 PM): the aristos is coming
chasingtriangles (5:46:32 PM): that i know not
chasingtriangles (5:46:55 PM): is for long time
JWtheFourth (5:47:03 PM): It has been.
JWtheFourth (5:47:11 PM): Are you safe right now?
chasingtriangles (5:47:19 PM): i hide
JWtheFourth (5:47:22 PM): Okay.
JWtheFourth (5:47:30 PM): The Aristos is dangerous
chasingtriangles (5:47:33 PM): bunch noise outside
chasingtriangles (5:48:16 PM): i much honorrd to see tis
itsDaikah (5:48:36 PM): To see the Angel released?
chasingtriangles (5:49:30 PM): that dream mine long time
chasingtriangles (5:49:50 PM): girl stand near ark now
chasingtriangles (5:49:59 PM): the aristos still outside
chasingtriangles (5:50:13 PM): john be hiding
chasingtriangles (5:50:19 PM): john much love girl
chasingtriangles (5:51:31 PM): the aristos is here now
chasingtriangles (5:51:46 PM): he come at me
chasingtriangles (5:52:00 PM) has left the room.
itsDaikah (5:52:05 PM): Swell
JWtheFourth (5:52:26 PM): aggity
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:56:13 PM): well?
itsDaikah (5:56:23 PM): No idea.
itsDaikah (5:57:34 PM): John could be doing something right now, or waiting...
fragment44 (5:57:40 PM): We're not dead yet, so Aristos probably hasn't won
Sylviaaaaaaaa (5:57:48 PM): lol
itsDaikah (5:58:30 PM): We should, in theory, be hearing from John soon. Ark opened, Bryan left, poor Ahmyl was hurt, and all that good stuff.
itsDaikah (5:58:51 PM): Poor Ahmyl. Had no idea what was coming at him.
molecularrr (5:59:08 PM): he mentioned a dream, though, and talked as if he knew who aristos is
molecularrr (5:59:58 PM): Did John say anything about him before I got here?
itsDaikah (6:00:20 PM): I think he was trying to say "I am honored to see this. This has been my dream for a long time"
Sylviaaaaaaaa (6:00:34 PM): agree
JWtheFourth (6:00:47 PM): no change to 7634534
itsDaikah (6:00:55 PM): He's the, um ... old man who told John and Kendra about the Ark and history.
JWtheFourth (6:01:01 PM): yah
molecularrr (6:01:42 PM): what did he tell them about it?
Sylviaaaaaaaa (6:03:33 PM) has left the room.
itsDaikah (6:03:53 PM): It was a post on the forums .... checking
molecularrr (6:04:31 PM): oh right, nevermind
itsDaikah (6:04:55 PM): Yeah, he was the taxi driver's dad.
itsDaikah (6:05:27 PM): "perfect english" ahaha
itsDaikah (6:06:49 PM): I guess it's time to update the forum with this chat info. I don't think anything else will be happening... I'll stay here just in case though
molecularrr (6:07:24 PM): well I gotta go anyway, too, but I'll leave the chat open just in case
fragment44 (6:07:38 PM): me too
Sylviaaaaaaaa (6:07:46 PM) has entered the room.
itsDaikah (6:07:59 PM): Nothing yet. We're just gonna idle for a while, hehe
fragment44 (6:08:03 PM): Ah, there she is
VooDooJas0n (6:09:43 PM) has entered the room.
VooDooJas0n (6:11:18 PM):
VooDooJas0n (6:11:28 PM): me going to stay hush hush
VooDooJas0n (6:11:40 PM): and wait impatiently
VooDooJas0n (6:11:42 PM):
JWtheFourth (6:12:11 PM): Just waiting to find out if we all blow up at the hands of Bryan
itsDaikah (6:12:44 PM): Is anyone posting the chat? Or shall I?
Sylviaaaaaaaa (6:13:22 PM): you can if you want
Sylviaaaaaaaa (6:16:36 PM): molecularr did you get the info i sent you
JWtheFourth (6:19:07 PM): He had to idle Sylvia
Sylviaaaaaaaa (6:20:16 PM): ok i was trying to get him caught up on the stuff john sent this morning
Sylviaaaaaaaa (6:32:17 PM): what is going on?
itsDaikah (6:33:04 PM): I'm assuming ... bad stuff. I don't know if we'll have anything else from this chat.
itsDaikah (6:33:43 PM): There might be more emails from John, or you might see him online soon. I don't know. Maybe an email from Chaya
Sylviaaaaaaaa (6:34:10 PM): I keep checking, I haven't received anythin
Sylviaaaaaaaa (6:34:15 PM): anything
fragment44 (6:38:17 PM) has left the room.
Sylviaaaaaaaa (6:39:38 PM): he's back online
itsDaikah (6:39:50 PM): *suspense*
Sylviaaaaaaaa (6:40:22 PM): off again
VooDooJas0n (6:41:44 PM): /me gets anxious
fragment44 (6:42:17 PM) has entered the room.
VooDooJas0n (6:43:16 PM): <.<VooDooJas0n>.>
chasingtriangles (6:44:14 PM) has entered the room.
chasingtriangles (6:44:23 PM): This is Kendra
chasingtriangles (6:44:25 PM): It is over
chasingtriangles (6:44:27 PM): It is all over
chasingtriangles (6:44:30 PM) has left the room.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 11:40 pm
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I Have No Life

Joined: 21 Apr 2006
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The chat in html

here's the html for those who want it

Filename  nytakma_3.html 
Filesize  109.89KB 
Downloaded  345 Time(s) 

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 11:44 pm
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