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[REF]Trail-head in a NutShell/Words Of Wisdom from YshkLanti
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I Have No Life

Joined: 21 Apr 2006
Posts: 2062

 [REF]Trail-head in a NutShell/Words Of Wisdom from YshkLanti
13+13 = 26 pages, very little info lots of wisdom

I re-read the whole trail-head and since hyexistenz is working on the story-so-far
I will concentrate here on stuff we learned from YshkLanti. (not his/her real name)

do not attempt to understand what will reveal itself to you

when it begins you must find him


Where is Hank?

Hank is her father.
You must help him when the time comes.

Who am I?

Curiosity leads to Knowledge
Knowledge leads to Power
Power leads to Anguish

286 is the day it begins. not the anguish but the resolution to the suffering that YshkLanti has had to face for so long.

Hank is not the final answer for which you seek he is only the beginning

We learned a few Lantish words:

di = of
koldaaj = humanity
Lanti = Atlantis
ny = the
nnra = preserve
ra = to
takma = end
yshk = for

And got confirmation on an audio file:
Ra nednai ny takma, peynin hasya keilyn ny moquin.
Teyailn vyl esun mrkzai di peynin di Gai, teyailn vyl Lanti, teyailn vyl La, en masi ust awlyn.

We learned about Rue / Anguish and Confusion / Chaos / Abashment

We were asked many questions:
Think of the possibility, that I have no future. How are you going to live your life, enjoy every moment, make the best of a bad situation or fight for a future?

What would you do, enjoy every moment
with family that you love with friends who love you
enjoying your hobbies a good book perhaps?

Would you suffer and live as though life could not be better
with nature and faith that beyond this life so much more exists?

Would you fight for your future, fight for the future of those
you love fight for those you never have met?

Would you do things you so despise to give you yourselve one more day?

Over the past week, what have you done?
Did you love your family, settle for the suffering or fight for the future?

It quickly approaches
the end
the beginning
286 286 286 286 286
the day is upon us
have you prepared?

Basically that's it in a nutshell. The important stuff from 26 pages of making an "ass" out of "u" and "me."
Next I will work on what we learned after the 13 th .

PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2006 5:59 pm
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I Have No Life

Joined: 21 Apr 2006
Posts: 2062

After the 13th

More From YshkLanti

  • He fathered a child despite her unknown origins genuinely loving her.
  • You see what I have seen find him and convince him.
  • All knowledge worth having is worth earning through time and effort.

hyexistenz posted a very good question to YshkLanti
Now that Hank knows about your site, he has seen what you have seen also.
Of what must we convince him?

To Which he/she replied:
  • To trust you yshk Lanti, yshk La, yshk Gai, yshk Sha.

And redarmyboro sent YshkLanti a good question:
For what purpose does your Civilisation need us for, eh?

And his/her answer was:
  • Yours needs you
  • We need you
  • You will find another man soon, the time is not right now for him to understand.

ancalime sends a transcript of the first recording to YshkLanti for correction and he/she ask where it was found. Ancalime tells him that Hank recorded it in the Bermuda Triangle and he/she responds with:
  • That is why I kept seeing him, interesting. I had seen him in the Triangle, but I never knew what the connection was.

When ilikepucks sent the solution to the twosides.png YshkLanti sent a reply that contained the following:
  • Men are often predictable.
  • I had assumed the mindset of man had not changed, but there are often still a few with good intentions.
  • Mankind continues to seek easy solutions for the problems they face.
  • This laziness often leads to much suffering by men and others.
  • I know this so very well throughout my years.

  • Esetula - regret

  • It is something I have felt for quite some time for the actions of others and my inability to prevent it.
  • Those who seek to find the easy solutions to life's problems will often face the same.

Caterpillar received a response after telling him/her about Maia and Greek Gods/Kings of Atlantis which contained these great nudgets.
  • Do you realize you are telling the stories of individuals who had never stepped foot on Atlantis?
  • Stories often become over dramatized by various events throughout history.
  • I am sure you know what happens when a rumor is passed from ear to ear.
  • These are merely stories, written to romanticize the tragic events of mankind.
  • Your belief about the Gods being merely the mortal kings of Atlantis would most accurately represent the truths of the Lanti.
  • She is not Hank's blood.
  • Her significance lies in what she can do for us rather than what she can do for the Lanti
  • Yes, I am indeed here on Earth
  • It is quite logical that a method to organize this trickling of information can be quite useful.
  • Small streams trickle into larger rivers eventually collecting in the many oceans of the world.
    (in reference to the twosides.png puzzle)
  • Not everyone missed the first side, but many have misunderstood it.

Here is the understand.jpg that was stegged in the twosides.png which i believe has the first question.
Click on image for a larger view.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2006 11:38 am
Last edited by Sylvia on Sat Nov 04, 2006 1:28 pm; edited 1 time in total
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I Have No Life

Joined: 21 Apr 2006
Posts: 2062

More From YshkLanti

lizzybordean received this from YshkLanti after asking about the language.
  • They are Lanti an old language forgotten by time,
  • the Lanti were good men until they became greedy and stole what did not belong to them.
  • This action has caused much pain and suffering, the rue I have mentioned.

molecularr got this after asking what we should call him/her and about the uderstanding.jpg and "Linguala di Lanti."
  • You can call me friend for now
  • Though the messages are channeled through me I can not confirm much only that I believe linguala does not mean language.
  • I have before warned of assumptions.
  • Where is this message from?

The last question is odd. That may be the question to the twosides puzzle that we have to answer.

And now he/she starts on the blood thing.
  • I apologize, but I do not know where this is from.
  • I am beginning to fear for him.
  • Blood
  • Blood
  • everywhere!
  • Iím sorry
  • I canít see this
  • I donít know where it is from
  • Every time I try all I see is blood
  • I see stuff that I canít control
  • Now though it all seems to be of this
  • of them
  • of you all
  • and now just blood
  • It is all over Bryan
  • Iím worried
  • I donít knowÖ I just see the blood I see Bryan Ö find him find him find him
  • I have to stop this
  • Trapped
  • Drowned
  • Lonely
    (words on the picture at photo bucket)
  • Bryan, Rue, ffiinndd, Aristos, Vengeance

And White_Knight made a very good observation:
aristos: the word which shows superlative ability and superiority and 'aristos' was constantly used in the plural to denote the nobility.

So I believe we found the the heir to the throne aka the King. So Kendra, if she's the blood of the King, would be his daughter. However the blood of the King could be refering to Bryan alone, but I don't think so. Because of this next message from YshkLant to jsquared:
  • The one within the device
  • Her name was written where only the purest of eyes can see

molecularr found the location:
it's off the coast of St. Lucia

And Daikah with the purest of eyes found her name:

My theory is that Chaya is Lanti for Sarah.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2006 12:51 pm
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I Have No Life

Joined: 21 Apr 2006
Posts: 2062

In love I be on Lucia's Coast
Analyzing the Poem and My Specs aka Assumption

I believe there is a secret message in there from Sarah (Chaya) to Bryan.

replace the words in () with Aristos. this is just one way, your way may be better.
In love I be on Lucia's Coast,
Lonely yet free for my love (of the)~~ [Aristos]
Still I'm seen by harsh hatred's host.

Seeing you through all my dreams,
Chilled to the bone so hot it seems.
Trapped by joy thast not been felt,
Cursed by this, your razored belt.

Hell has forever prevented (us) my love-[Aristos]
Entering the ocean, I just dove.
Pain hath left me burning in thy stove.

Lovely, yet lonely we shalt not boast.
Everyday mind is to your devotion,
remembrance of that day upon Lucia's Coast,
filling my memory drowned with ocean.

Your love unanswered has left me lonely,
brought to this day by spirit only.
Almost but not free from your razored belt.
forever the love mortals have not felt.

Oh, how far is the ocean from which I dove??
[Aristos] (Love,) still I be burning in thy stove.

I believe that Sarah (Chaya) is trapped somewhere, probably off Lucia's Coast, and our dear friend YshkLanti (not his/her real name) is channelling her messages.
So we have four stories in one here, restoring the King to his throne, finding and saving Sarah the Queen, reuniting the royal family and saving the Kingdom.

Or something like that cause for all I know she could be a ship but, anyways, I will edit this as we uncover proof positive and/or proof negative.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2006 1:24 pm
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I Have No Life

Joined: 21 Apr 2006
Posts: 2062

More Evidence

more evidence from Bryan from an email to ancalime:
St. Lucia's coast would be a beautiful visit this time of year. As
beautiful as I would imagine the tip of an island which did not
fully sink.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 7:03 pm
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I Have No Life

Joined: 21 Apr 2006
Posts: 2062

new from yshklanti

thanks to Daikah

YshkLanti's next bit of wisdom is about Chaya:

Her story Ö understand why Ö understand the pictures to understand her

PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 3:57 am
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