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Sunny du Pree

Joined: 01 Jan 2003
Posts: 636
Location: Push, Nevada


Dear Sunny,
Something has gone wrong with Iris' email. She tried a test by sending an email to me and it never arrived. So, I'm letting her use mine... Phyllis

Sunny, this is Iris, I sent this to you hours ago but I'm thinking you never
got it. So here goes again. My mind is reeling with what happened this
afternoon and I just cannot even begin to tell you how I am shaking.

I went to the library with the statue and found that it was already
fairly crowded with people for the Mars Day celebration. Everyone
seemed to be in such a good mood and the library was all festooned with
garlands and posters. There was even this elaborate food table set out
with everything ranging from cookies and punch to more substantial foods
like sandwiches and potato salads. I swear, if I had not known that
some very messed up things were happening, I would have thought this was just a normal happy day. It was positively surreal!

I tried to sneak in without being seen, but found that the area leading
to the downstairs storage area was closed off. As I considered whether
to sneak down anyway, Mrs. Dobbs spotted me and literally ran to my side
and ushers me around to various people. I tried many times to get away,
but she insisted on introducing me to anyone who would listen. As Mrs.
Dobbs continued to socialize (the whole time keeping one hand on my arm
so tightly that it began to hurt!), I tried to watch the area leading to
the downstairs. It soon became apparent that something was very wrong.
I was disturbed because there were men carrying things down there, like
tool boxes, extension cords and so on. I did not recognize them, nor
did I see any identifying symbols on their clothes, but I am sure you
know as well as I why they were there!

After a half an hour I finally confronted Mrs. Dobbs and asked her about
the men. She told me, "Tomorrow, we will start the work down there that
we had to put off. Isn't that wonderful?" The news, as you can imagine,
hit me like a hammer and I found I could say nothing, I was so crushed.
Eventually I broke free from the gathering and headed toward the area in
back. I stopped between the bookshelves not far from the door where I
could watch without being easily overseen. I leaned against one of the
bookshelves to catch my breath and as I stood there, I suddenly began to
have a vision.

I saw Sarah standing before me and she was speaking, "You have returned,but it is so, so late. There are things that must be done and sacrifices to be made. There is no more time for secrecy or allusion." I was transfixed and could no longer see the surroundings of the library. All
there was around me was darkness, with Sarah standing before me. "Dale, my brother, must be restored." There was a quick flash, like a TV set picture scrambling and going to static for a brief second. I remember saying, "Sarah, what is wrong?"

Sarah replied after a moment, "It is these men, these strangers down
here; they have come to destroy me." There was more static. "Go, I will
use the pathway that has opened to talk to you. Keep the statue with
you. It is one of the k . . ."

It was then, in mid-sentence that her image faded all together. "Sarah?"
I called out, "Sarah?"

"Sarah?" I heard someone, Mrs. Dobbs, say from behind me. "What are you talking about, dear?" Her tone of voice was sweet and warm, but I found that I could not speak. I just looked at her in horror and ran out of
the library.

So here I am, sitting on my bed in Phyllis's house, holding this statue
in my lap as if it will disappear if I do not maintain physical contact
with it. The implications of what Sarah has told me has set my mind
upside down and I cannot settle on any one thing long enough to make
sense of it. I can only hope that all of you can!


Grace and Peace
Sunny Du Pree
I dreamed a dream and now that dream has come for me

PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2003 10:05 pm
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I Have No Life

Joined: 02 Dec 2002
Posts: 2456
Location: South of where I used to be

omg! I love when long dead spec resurfaces. We talked about Sarah and Dale being siblings last month here(and even farther back in chat I believe).

So would that make sarah one of the nine also?
"I still miss him to this day and probably always will." - Todd Keeler, Chasing the Wish

"meta meta meta, I made you out of play..." ~ j5

PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2003 10:37 pm
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