The Aquapolis: general

Numerous parallels have been made between the Aquapolis and Atlantis; check out this thread. Also, Phillip Gairden's passwords are derived from Plato's dialogues about Atlantis. The names of the underwater levels of the hotel are some of the Cycladic islands, with rich historical and mythological connections.

The Greek text on the Aquapolis home page translates to:
Welcome to the website of Aquapolis. Greek version coming soon.

Below are two renderings of the hotel (keep in mind that these are approximations):

aqualung1105's rendering

xnbomb's rendering

First incident logs - October 8, discussed here

An incident is mentioned on Oct. 8 news on the aquapolis site; same incident is mentioned on the Metacortex' news page on the 17th of October; the choice of spelling "incidentlogs" led KaG to discovery of

For the translation of the legend, see pages 1-3 of the thread.

Generally accepted interpretation of the logs:

This is still a puzzle; some of the unanswered questions are:

Second incident logs - October 21, discussed here

At the time, only the log file itself and jpgs 1-11 were up. Also, note that this time two events are logged.

Generally accepted interpretation:

This time the logs revealed Metacortex' IP address, and control access was enabled. This incident has not been mentioned in the news by either Aquapolis or Metacortex.

Second incident logs - October 21 - update, discussed here

The update consists of 4 October 22 jpgs.

Generally accepted interpretation:

This is now an even bigger puzzle; just some of the questions are:

On October 22 the webcam on the aquapolis site went live (check this thread); on Oct. 29 the webcam feed began "scrolling"

November 9 update, discussed here

The incidentlogs directory is now password-protected.

Some changes on the site include:

Third incident logs, discussed here

Slamman12 and Moriar cracked the login (turns out, Kathy was the project lead quoted on the news page):

user: kdcunningham
pw: laika

As this is a current puzzle, there is no "generally accepted interpretation" yet. The incidenat took place on Nov. 6; it appears that there was a fire on the Tinos (bottom) level; but the sprinklers malfunctioned (hmmm... why?) and the fire had to be extinguished by flooding portions of the level. Again, manual overrides were attempted and denied. The IP address is still Metacortex', but SafeSys was updated to version 2.54. And - for no apparent reason - the door to/from the guest modules on Delos was closed.

November 18 incident logs, discussed here

Generally accepted interpretation:

Main question: what is going on on Delos??